Tuesday, 2 August 2011

sweet potato pie (ala wawa~ again :P)

When I was in Bogor, Indonesia, I bought 6 kilos of 'cilembu' sweet potatoes. It is soooo goood and I thought it was going to be finished in a jiffy but man was I wrong! Half of them was gone earlier for cek mek molek and kueh keria I made with Izan, then my mother roast some and made pengat. And today, while I was driving home from picking up my lil siblings, I thought of how pumpkin is similar with sweet potato and I figured maybe sweet potato pie will do as good as pumpkin pie (not that I've ever tasted one before). So I googled the recipe here and there and came out with this recipe:


Pie crust:
3/4 c all purpose flour
1/2 c butter
1 1/2 tsp salt

Sweet potato filling:
2 c mashed sweet potatoes (about 5 sweet potatoes with the size of apple)
1/2 c butter (giant is having a buttercup and giant brand sale!I bought Giant brand for the 1st time because it is unbelievably cheap!RM2.99 instead of RM3.49!)
1/2 c evaporated milk
2 tbs sugar (depends on the sweetness of your sweet potato the original recipe is 2 c!)
2 whisked eggs
1tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp nutmeg-optional

1. Boil the potatoes
2. While waiting for the potatoes to soften, mix in the pie crust ingredient in a bowl. Mix until it doesn't stick to the bowl. If it is too dry and it wont stick together, add cold water but if it is too soft it sticks to the bowl, add more flour. Form into a ball-shape, put in plastic bag and refrigerate for about 15 minutes.
3. When the potatoes are soft, remove the skin and mash. (At this point make sure you preheat your oven at 200c, so u dont have to wait ten minutes to preheat afterwards. And you can take out the pie crust to leave it to room temperature) Add butter, mix and then milk, mix and then whisked eggs, vanilla and finally sugar and nutmeg. If it is not sweet enough, add more sugar.
4. If the batter still curdles, put it into a blender and blend until smooth. If you have food processor, just do the whole process using food processor.
5. Roll the pie dough and put into 9 inch pan. Pour the filling on the pie dough and pop into the oven for about 35minutes.
6. You know it's ready when the filling is evolving and the crust turns slightly brown. *Don't the the poking test u do on cakes!*

Btw, I won't be buying agricultural product whenever I'm abroad ever again! because my father said if I was caught I can be fined for RM1000! I seriously don't have any clue about the do's and don'ts of custom and its regulations. Alhamdulillah, nothing happen.*kissing floor*

This is it! When I saw something is growing from it I thought, hey! we can actually plant it! And so I excitedly told my parents but proving how I don't have green fingers, my mom and dad replied "mana boleh!kena ada batas, tanah tak sesuai etc etc" T_T

Making the pie crust

The 9 inches pan ;p

Okay people, don't do this at home! Please roll the dough. I'm an exception because I'm just a lazy bum my rolling pin is just too heavy ;p I pressed the dough using my hand until it looks pleasing like this..hehehe..

If u notice, when it is cold, the filling deflated a bit leaving it flat and not as volcano-ic as before.

So, there you go..happy fasting lovely people!


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

sedap ke wa

izan said...

tuuuuuuu diaaaaa..buat pai pulok..
time aku ade dok terpikir la pulok mu kan.. isk2.
aku mok aku wat pengat je ubi o.

eencyweency said...

nad: sedap..rase puding caramel sket2 pn ade sbb gne telur kot..
izang:ngade mu..kan tbe2 aku dpt ilham mase amek adek aku br blk koloh..hor ade sketttt g ubi ni..(x abih2 6kilo haha)mok aku wat gop pengat..pastu ade lg..pttnye aku beli 3 kilo je ari tu..ni pa 6 kilo dang jua kat bazar sepjg ramadhan ni :P

izan said...

hahah ye2 dimaafkan sbb dapat ilham lambat..

takpe la wa.. rezeki mu.. kate nk buke gera depan rumoh, bakpe dok wak sungguh.. jual makanan berasaskan ubi..hehe

nadiah ;; said...

agak2 law wat banana pie sdp tak? hehe kt umah ni byk naww pisang. dah tataw nk watpe lagi slain cekodok, bingke, lempeng dsb. =.=

eencyweency said...

banana cream pie sedap!cop cop..kalo byk pisang refer kat recent post aku..mmg takdir btol

nadiah ;; said...

ritu pnah wat banana choc cupcake dah. walnut tiada >.< wat muffin pisang je laa. hehe.

nadiah ;; said...

stp kali aku tgk pie ko ni mesti aku tringt rupe kek vanilla bantat aku. >.<

eencyweency said...

haha..u mean ur vanila brownies??? :P