Thursday, 4 August 2011

Spring roll/popiah/pai tee (ala naima~)

Mini popiah ;p

I thank you Nadira Naima for today's recipe. If it's not for her, I will never ever try to make spring rolls. Why? because I don't like the spring roll filling. But guess what, Naima gave me the idea of combining spring roll with Pai Tee filling! I've helped people make spring roll few times back when I was in school but the only part I did was fill the skin with the filling and roll. T_T

I usually asked people how to make the skin but to my dissapoinment the answer will always be "beli je". So today, I bravely try to make the skin! My mom said she once made it but it reaped. She gave up and never did make it again.

I guess giving up is never my option when it comes to cooking. I when through failures doing the skin and my sad story is, the batter won't stick to the pan! But after what seems like gazillion times trying, I succeeded! *tears rolling* and to tell you the truth, this is by far the most difficult thing on earth I've ever done (besides from macaroons).

So here's the ingredient for the skin:
1 c flour
1/2 c water

Mix the ingredient, using your hands, spread the sticky batter on to the greased pan *make sure the pan is not oily!I pour some oil on tissue and wipe it on the pan* You know it's done when the sides has lifted up. This process will take only seconds so make sure you have all the plates, spatula and tissue ready!

Pai Tee filling:
1/2 c shredded carrots
1/2 c shredded jicama (sengkuang)
1/2 c thinly sliced shitake mushroom
2 cloves garlic
1 shallot
1tsp chicken stock
oyter sauce

Sautee the garlic and shallot when the oil is hot. Next, put in oyster sauce and chicken stock. Then followed by carrots, jicama and mushroom. Taste. If you like white pepper, put some. I don't like the taste of pepper so I neglect it.

When the filling and skin is ready, spoon the filling on to the skin about 1 tsp (I put cheddar cheese in some of em) and fold the side that is near you and fold in the sides of the skin and start rolling until it forms the shape of a cylinder. To finish it, tap some water to 'glue' it so it sticks together when frying. Using hot oil, deep fry it until it turns delicious brown ;p Don't put in oil that is not yet hot or your spring roll will be oily and don't fry too long. It will only take few seconds *or at least I think it is as fast as few seconds hehe*

The result is, I will start eating spring rolls! (I cannot say "I won't be buying it again and will always make it by myself!" since I never bought spring roll except cheese popiah at Nuin. Gosh that one is an exception because it doesn't taste anything like spring roll it tasted like risoles my fav!!)

And to Naima, I think I kind of succeeded the Chicken Rice Shop Pai Tee taste because my lil bro who likes to act all George form Masterchef said, (just after the first bite) "Ni ape ni?Rase mcm Pai Tee kat Chicken Rice Shop" So there you go. My Pai Tee Popiah adventure! ;p

P/s: There is still left over filling so I guess I will be making it again soon.


nn said...

your blog is my favourite blog ever! haha :D

eencyweency said...

tq naima!ko inspiration! nnt sem bkk nnt jom la main masak2 kat rmh aku..dr ari tu dh ajak..tsk tsk T_T

nn said...

jommm. tapi aku tak hebat macam kau. petang ni aku nak try buat spring roll ala wawa :D

eencyweency said...

Spring roll ni x ala wawa..spring roll ni ala naima le sbb ko yg punye idea!aku xpndi le 2-3 kali buat br jd tau..aku pn rase nk buat lg..disbbkn ko aku dah ketagih da popia ala naima semue ko punye psl!kalo x aku xske pn popia tau!

Anonymous said...
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