Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Wanna see how my friends had treated me during the semester break?
After the misses and hello..how could them :"(

These are my primary school friends from Terengganu. Despite by their replies, I still miss them. Semester break spent at Terengganu with schoolmates friends are the best!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Rainbow cake

My first time baking it was yearrrrsssssssss back during secondary school *specifically during home science class*. But during those days rainbow cake is not as fancy as today's. And although making it is fussy, given that it requires bowls and colorings, it is not as complicated as today's version. I remembered we just need to divide the batter into few portions and colour them one by one and layer them in the baking tin. It was a simple butter cake recipe but at that moment it felt like the most delicious rainbow cake I've ever tasted! The recipe goes a bit like this: "1 cup of butter, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of flour etc"

Source: google

The ingredients of a rainbow cake is very simple and easy but it's the baking part that makes people want to just settle down with only the regular yellow cake or sheet cake. Good thing I have my lil sister around! Having her around is like having a sample of make up from the mall. You have to make use of it fully because you don't always get to have one but the main reason is always because it is *ehem* free :P

So, I tried the best pound cake recipe by RBLAIR in allrecipes.com. The only alteration I've made is reducing the sugar *as usual* to 1 1/2 cup. I starting to think that Malaysia's sugar is the sweetest because I've always fine english recipes using too much sugar. Or maybe it is just me. I don't know.
we are still in our PJs ><"

After scrubbing the oven real hard, at last u can really see what's inside T_T
I'm using oil-base colouring as I find the result will be more vibrant!
Can you see the holes from the toothpick? *embarassing*

Just a friendly note, do not use almond essence in frosting! I've tried it for the frosting above and it was awful! I had to scrape out all the icing before eating the cake! This is the second time I'm using almond essence (the first time was in the failed macaroons) and will definitely be the last! Goodbye almond essence! Off to the bin you go~

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My big sister's wedding

I have always loooovvvveee weddings! And when it comes to my big sis' wedding, I was working on it as much as I thought it was mine :P and the result was: Alhamdulillah..everything went well and everyone had never been happier :D

This beautiful piece was taken this evening by Amri. Barakallahulakuma wa barakah a'laikuma wa jamaa' baina kuma fi khair to my big sis and my bil!*while mumbling to the sound of Maher Zain, I hope I got it right tho :P * 

P/s: Stay tune because I'm planning a big project ahead!

Saturday, 14 January 2012


An idol is someone we look up to and hope to be. One of the person that I am truly inspired of is Ustaz Hasrizal. And his recent posts made me respect him even more.

I met him once at my faculty he was giving us a talk on the Arab revolution together with our amazing Public International Law lecturer, Dr Salawati. And from that moment itself I was in awe! Not just because the duos was enlightening but because of something Ustaz said.

It was something he said right after Dr Salawati finishes, "today I found another idol, Dr Salawati!".

And I was like "really? I am one of her fanatics too" (yeah, Yaya's boyfirend, said we are not just inspired by Dr Salawati but we are fanatics! I think it's due to the fact that we quoted Dr Salawati in almost everything we talk those days *lol*)

Back on track again, I was startled at hearing him saying he adored someone else. He is in my view a great persona and it is very rare to see a knowledgeable person saying he is inspired by others- out loud just by hearing what she said once. Or maybe it is obvious that my lecturer is experienced and knows a lot? Anyhow, reading Kembara Mencari Makna, Adakah Khidir Untuk Menerangkannya?, Apakah Ada Lagi Ketakutan Yang Menanti?, Akhirnya Aku ‘Abdullah’& Hukuman Gantung Dalam Memori Tahanan, I am now looking up on Ustaz even more because after all he had been through, he still finds other people, brilliant, he still finds other people inspiring. The short statement he made after Dr Salawati finishes really is something to me especially after reading his recent posts. *Man, I'm just repeating myself again and again*

Now, if a person so great *in my view* can still be amazed on seeing others, who am I to think I am better than the others? *ehem at a very very very rare occasion and remote possibility ;p* I should really look back not just for what I had done but for what I had think!

P/s: I am still in the midst of the finals! Sorry for no recipes updated *as if ya'll are screaming for it T_T *

Friday, 6 January 2012

1st Masterchef Malaysia goes to...

Wahidan @ Ezani?
Don't forget to watch Masterchef finale @ch104 Astro RIA Sunday (8/1/2012) 9pm! ;)