Saturday, 8 June 2013

Deep deep until you drown

Just got engaged. Both sides of the family came, discussed, but I'm not directly involved. In Malay tradition, decisions are usually made by the family and not the couple themselves. So, what I'm doing is just go with the flow. No, no, don't get me wrong. I love the tradition. It makes everything easier for me. I can just get everything done without me taking charge or without me being there.

It's just that I'm going with the flow a tad too much until i forgot that I am suppose to be nervous or happy or relieved. Since yesterday, my mind can't stop thinking about the shop. Yup, I am too busy keeping the shop alive up to the extend that I am not "alive" myself.

The shop is doing fine. Now, I'm having the "common issue" shopkeepers have that sometimes can make them just pack all things up and forget about everything. Which in a sense scares me, a lot! I'm having a tough time finding employees.

In Food & Beverage industry, the perfect employees you can think of is the culinary graduates or better yet culinary certificate holders. But they don't want to work at any other place other than the hotels. Then, foreigners comes next to the list. But they are really expensive! Other options are like what I'm having now, part-times or full-time staff that works only for short period.

Hurmmmm. I wonder how other people made it. Pray for me people. At times like this, I will just let it be. What ever happens next is destined and what I can do today is just struggle, pray & hope...  

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Learning & accepting

At one point of your life you begin to accept the situation where people starts to pull themselves away from you, create a distance and it begins with not talking to you. It feels uneasy at first but then you realise that not everything in this world are justifiable. So many things will remain awkward even though you yourself don't want it to be that way. You made an effort not too in fact. But life is life. It is out of your control. As a human, you just succumb to life, collecting yourself every single day just to go on. You can choose to blame others for your exhaustion and frustration but by the end of the day you have to realise that everyone is tested and the mark will be given on how much you are willing to accept all the things you are not willing to in a hope that by the end, everything will be good. Smile Wawa, smile :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

6 bulan

Entri pertama dalam bahasa ibunda. Tanpa sedar, sudah setengah tahun Kafe dan Kek Cawan The Spot dibuka (perlu la kan terjemahkan yang ni sekali *keluh*)

Ada masa rasa teruja, ada masa rasa sedih. Adat lah tu. Bukan adat berniaga, adat kehidupan. Kalau 6 bulan lepas, aku pilih untuk menjadi peguam, menjalani "chambering" pun sudah tentu ada naik turunnya juga. Terutamanya kalau kita lihat dari segi emosi. Hehe. Biasalah perempuan.

Entri ini dibuat macam biasa kerana adanya kekosongan waktu a.k.a tengah tak ada pelanggan. Cewah bunyi macam pelanggan dari entri akhir sampai entri sekarang tak putus-putus.

Apa yang dapat disimpulkan setelah 6 bulan ialah:

1. Berniaga perlu banyak sabar
2. Staff sangat penting dalam operasi harian.
3. Pemasaran memerlukan bajet besar. Tak ada bajet haruslah teruskan bersabar ye.
4. Sangat menghargai mereka yang telah menolong memasarkan dan menyokong The Spot
5. Oh, perancangan yang pelbagai pun perlu kepada bajet. Sekali lagi, sabar. Sabar dan adalah jalannya nanti.

Satu sahaja yang aku pupuk dalam diri *atau lebih kepada memujuk diri*. Kalau Allah takdirkan aku dalam bidang ni, adalah rezekinya. Yang penting istiqamah dalam berusaha.

Doakan saya ya semua!

Akhir kata, terima kasih Kak Anne& Abg Nuar kerana sudi datang jauh dari Bandar Utama ke Bangi untuk cover The Spot. Bagi yang bertanya, nak keluar Safiyya tak perlu bayar apa-apa. Sekiranya mereka sudi, datanglah mereka. Sebab itulah saya sangat bersyukur Allah telah mengetuk pintu hati Kak Anne & Abg Nuar untuk datang. Terima kasih daun keladi diucapkan.

Ok, itu sahaja. Jemput datang The Spot semua :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

4 months

It has been 4 months since the first day The Spot opened its door. It was really tough at the first month but slowly, I begin to gain confidence and knowledge and by now I begin to have this sense of peacefulness in mind. I can relax a bit and think of what to do next, how to make the shop this and that.

Yeah, before this I can't even think! The pressure was so high I almost gave up! Good thing families, relatives and friends came to support. Thank you Allah for the wonderful circle of people.

It is funny how you learn so much about people and the world when you do business instead of figures and business strategies.That explains why my math still suck :( Calculator is my best friend now. And I am still bad at marketing. But I guess this kind of thing cannot be taught and can only be learn along the way.

Nevertheless, I still have a lot more to learn. What I can do now is just pray and don't give up hoping :) I'm not sure tomorrow will be good or bad but one thing I know is there is someone up there protecting me because He loves me so much :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How to frost red velvet cupcake :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I never really liked new years simply because it makes me feel old! But because 2012 had been a tremendously hectic year it is worth a post.

Most notable in 2012:

1. Both of my big sisters got married. And that's enough to make me puke over the thought of handling a wedding event. It is exhausting and it is not fun at all trust me. Going to one is exciting but handling one is so tiring I tell u. Mine later would be just akad nikah at masjid and eat nasi campur. Wedding dress will be recycled either my mum's or my sisters' which ever that fits me. Note the word fit not suit ok!

2. I got a nephew!  *Go Mak Lang!*

3. I graduated from law school, finally~

4. I started a project, broke down a few times, still struggling but grateful for each moment.

5. What else? I thought I would've come out with at least 10 just for the sake of showing u guys how busy I've been in 2012! Ok come on brain, work with me.. Oh okay, my first booth-experience.

6. And..hurmmm that's it I guess. That's a few that i can remember so far.

Gosh this must be the worst 2012 post ever!

Anyways, I'm grateful for the ups and downs I've been through through out the year. It makes me well, miss my teenage years moreee! Come back to me, baby! I have never miss my old days *which is my younger days lah* as much as this!

This post makes me dislike new year even more. I'm not wishing anyone happy new year this year. That's it.