Saturday, 29 November 2014

Late late late

My husband is fast asleep and it's! hmmmpphhh!!!

I got a tight schedule till next year and I just can't afford wasting any seconds what else hours. Man, I hate thinking or planning or doing anything relating to time management. Time management means organisation and organisation means tiring and tiring means stressful. But what can you do.

I wanna be a bird please. No, I'm kidding. I wanna be a butterfly. Ok kidding again. Erghh! How to wake your husband up? I need to go to two shops, two friends' house (supposedly three but I think that's too much to ask by now).

Oh, great! and now it's raining, heavily. Welcome to married life people! Well, nobody said it was easy T_T. I thought marrying a version of me would be fun. You know laid back, carefree and all. No it's not! No wonder my mum can't stand me! I can't even stand his version of myself now. Lol.  

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Life as a wife

Married life is normal after all *of course, after 7 months of getting married*. The first few months was not somehow. I kept feeling guilty if I didn't cook and we ended up eating outside, I felt guilty if I didn't sweep the floor, I felt guilty all the time and not knowing what I'm doing is right or wrong. I even felt guilty if I suddenly woke up from sleep in the middle of the night realising at that moment I'm sleeping without facing my husband! *No! I didn't just do that! no! what now? do I wake him up and apologise?* (I heard somewhere that it is a SIN! a SIN okay! if you sleep without facing your husband! Imagine the pressure and pain to remain in the same position all night long!)

The guilt most probably comes from my noobness. This whole wifey thing is just so new. And that moment of time I was coping with only-god-knows-how-challenging-business-can-be-phase (the business is entering its second year) and I was wondering if I'm doing everything right most of the time. 

I was determine to be a good wife, the best a husband can wish for on the early days of marriage. Then after a good few months, I began to get comfortable with the husband, the house, the daily routines I  began to forget to be the ideal wife and starts doing everything naturally. And I am much more happier. The husband is of course happy when you are happy. The funny part is when you're being you, you have ample time to do so much more! Because you are more relaxed, composed, no pressure and it felt so good not to plan and worry about everything and just enjoy the moment~    

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Grilled Salmon

*Picture of Salmon is in my instagram @wawathespot

I LOVE SALMON! I can even eat it raw on a glutinous rice..*yeah and so does everyone..and it is called sushi by the way* This is actually for my sister's confinement so I don't get to eat it *sobs*

My first attempt of grilled salmon is when I saw how the foreign worker at Teppanyaki grilled it. It looks so easy except for the flipping part. The flipping part is quite tricky as the meat will easily tear and stick to the pan.

So I tried it at home and of course it was THAT easy! But because salmon is not that cheap I always doubt whether it is worth all the sweat *it's easy but still, cooking=sweating=exercising=healthy* oh, okay I just answered myself. So here goes...



1. Wash the salmon using wheat flour *some prefer squeezing lemon* and then dab the salmon using dry towel or kitchen roll *this is to reduce the moisture and ensure the outer layer and the skin crispiness*
2. Lightly oil the salmon and dash some salt and course pepper.
3. Next, heat the pan using medium heat.
4. Put the salmon on the pan. Flip it after about 2 minutes.
5. To thoroughly cook it, move the salmon into the oven.

You can always continue cooking it on the pan but it will result in dry salmon. If you like it crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, use this technique!

Closing Down

Most of the question I got nowadays besides inquiries on orders and the location of The Spot (yup, still so many are not aware of the status, got a lot of them in Facebook message despite by the current closing down status ><" ) is WHY???!!!why do you decide to close down?

To name a few reasons is unfair and to point out so much is too cruel. I will start of with the lack-of-staff-reason. Many would understand but a few will just go.."haaa?you don't just close down a shop just because of that!". For some (or many) no, they wouldn't. Especially after all the hardwork they had put in and after seeing the business is achieving so much and just, just starting to bloom. 

And to think back again, I have been through high staff turnover problem since day 1. The major reason can't possibly be the staff. But why? why at that moment of time I am so sure about closing down the shop? 

When I really think of it, it is because I decided to be a wife. Not a good wife (even up until now I don't think I'm being a good wife) but I want to be a wife. I no longer want my priority to be the shop. It's quite a selfish decision but so long as the investor agreed, I'm willing to start all over again when the time comes. 

For those who are thinking about doing business, don't be afraid after reading this. At least now you know that life is all about priority. You cannot have it all my dear. If you want to do business, do it! Go do your best and be a millionaire out of it, create job opportunities for others, be happy for what you have chosen. 

And for those who have deep passion in business but still hindered by your current life status, be patience, insyaAllah the best is yet to come. Whatever it is, be happy because everything that had happened is Allah's beautiful plan for us. And He's plan is the best!  

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Business again!

I think I am so passionate about business more than I even realised it! Yeah, there are times my husband didn't even allow me to think because he fears the sudden blink, you know the bub light moment-where your brain will suddenly go "Tinkkk!" and you will be so excited and.. and.. here's the scariest part: he has to listen to every little bit of it and..and.. he has to agree on it. Until the next day I will tell him "know what? I don't think it'll work because I just realised bla bla bla" God knows how relieved he is by then. Poor thing. That's why in return wives should follow every single order from Le Husband, ok girls?!  

But one thing I really do learn from the past is taking things slow. I use to rush into everything! I want it and I WANT IT NOW!!! pleaseee~ I wonder where did I get that character from. 

And I wonder did I ever had the word patience registered in my dictionary because I'm not seeing it until now. I guess patience is not just a word you can implement whenever or wherever you want. It needs circumstances where you feel like blowing up and you blowed up the first time. The second time, someone came into your life and introduce you to patience and show you how it is done. And you began to question "but that is stupid! sitting there doing nothing, you don't wait! You go for it!" But noooo..sometimes or most of the time you really need patience to go through life. And you get it by practising it, over and over again. 

That's why the Al-mighty loves people who are constantly patience in life. Because man it ain't easy! But once you get a hold of it, you can see how wonderful life can be :)  

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


My first post for 2014! Happy belated new year everyone!!! I've been closing down my blog since god-knows-when because I find it hard to blog other than sad soppy deep depressed thoughts back then. Now I'm gonna move on and start anew! I'm married by the way! Wishing everyone a blessed day today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the next day after the day after tomorrow *why am I too excited? It's just a blog..meh..