Thursday, 5 June 2014

Grilled Salmon

*Picture of Salmon is in my instagram @wawathespot

I LOVE SALMON! I can even eat it raw on a glutinous rice..*yeah and so does everyone..and it is called sushi by the way* This is actually for my sister's confinement so I don't get to eat it *sobs*

My first attempt of grilled salmon is when I saw how the foreign worker at Teppanyaki grilled it. It looks so easy except for the flipping part. The flipping part is quite tricky as the meat will easily tear and stick to the pan.

So I tried it at home and of course it was THAT easy! But because salmon is not that cheap I always doubt whether it is worth all the sweat *it's easy but still, cooking=sweating=exercising=healthy* oh, okay I just answered myself. So here goes...



1. Wash the salmon using wheat flour *some prefer squeezing lemon* and then dab the salmon using dry towel or kitchen roll *this is to reduce the moisture and ensure the outer layer and the skin crispiness*
2. Lightly oil the salmon and dash some salt and course pepper.
3. Next, heat the pan using medium heat.
4. Put the salmon on the pan. Flip it after about 2 minutes.
5. To thoroughly cook it, move the salmon into the oven.

You can always continue cooking it on the pan but it will result in dry salmon. If you like it crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, use this technique!


Hanis. said...

Ada kedai kat glenmarie; Pok Brothers. Dia mcm specialty store. According to Mama Hanis, barang dia murah sikit. Kitaorg beli salmon kat situ.

Zara Ismail said...

i loveeee salmon too..especially d raw one..salmon belly yummehhh..

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eencyweency said...

@Hanis Jauh sangat dari Bangi tu :"(