Sunday, 28 August 2016

Can't sleep

Life is never about competition. So don't compare. Don't compare yourself with others nor comparing others with others (errr get what I'm tryin to say?).

Go slowly or as fast as u want
Either way it's a race with one participant,
Only one.

Not between you and me,
Nor between you and them.

Let them be,
And let yourself free.

If it is a race between you yourself,
You should be the rabbit and you should be the turtle.

Pick and choose your speed,
Only you know your limit.

By the end of the day the finish line is also yours,
And yours alone.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Party planning

Fateh will turn 1 in another 3 months++ and I am now officially busy making preprations. Excuse the excitement.

So we had agreed upon close family celebration because Fateh is still small and taking care of he himself will need our fullest energy so forget about inviting people. Hubster said we can make a big one when he turns 5 😓

I disagree at first because his aqiqah was already too simple and by simple I mean no celebration no nothing because we wanted to perform it on the 7th day. So we did it online using ezqurban. So efficient! We had ours at Indonesia. They sent pictures and certificate as proof.

So I was thinking of at least a kenduri doa selamat but hubster being hubster (that one right there really knows how to negogiate alright. You will only end up saying yes. Yes, voluntarily), he does not only propose a close family get together.. but.. a getaway. Just a nearby resort but telling the idea to my mom and sil has already excite them. So I guess it is in fact a good idea.

Boo wawa and her "big" celebration idea. They didn't literally booed me lah. They just emphasizing on the pros and cons of having a getaway rather than a kenduri. In another words, reiterating every single points that hubster said earlier *ouchhh*

So I guess hubster wins this time. Ahhhh winning or losing, I still decides the team (or not?)

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Butter butter butter

Dulu masa kecik-kecik, asal cerita pasal butter yang bagus mesti brand buttercup yang disebut-sebut.

Lepa susu

Tapi bila dah start baking baru kutahu buttercup tu bukan pure butter pun. Buttercup, butterlite, butterrich & seangkatan dengannya ialah lepa susu. Maknanya butter ni bukan guna 100% susu tapi ada campuran minyak sawit etc.

Butter ni pula berbeza kalau yang bentuk bata(yang berat 250g kena simpan dalam peti kalau tidak cair) dengan yang dalam baldi @ tin tu. Yang dalam baldi @ tin tu memang rasa marjerin sebab tu tak perlu simpan dalam peti. Harga pun jauh lebih murah.

Mentega tulen @ pure butter

Kalau nak buat kek atau biskut seeloknya guna pure butter. Pure butter yang famous zaman berzaman mestilah yang berjenama golden churn. Tapi disebabkan isu sekejap dia halal sekejap dia tak halal ramai yang meragui butter brand ni.

Tak perlu risau banyak lagi pure butter di pasaran. Ada anchor, tatura, le sucre, elle & vire, emborg, lurpark, scs, ballantyne dan sebagainya. Cuma harga pure butter ni memang jauh lebih mahal dari buttercup dan kawan-kawannya. Mahal macam mana? Paling murah ialah 2 kali ganda harga butter biasa.

Jenama pure butter yang agak murah pula ialah anchor & tatura. Btw, butter di Bangi kalau nak murah boleh beli di bake with yen.

Unsalted vs salted butter

Personally, saya akan guna unsalted sebab lebih creamy. Reknowned pastry chef macam Chef Anna Olson pun recommend unsalted butter supaya kita boleh control sendiri rasa masin tu.


Setiap baker ada preference butter yang tersendiri. Macam saya sendiri, ada cake saya prefer guna scs ada yang saya prefer guna anchor. Kalau buat frosting pula biasanya saya akan pilih tatura unsalted tapi kalau swiss meringue buttercream saya prefer anchor pula sebab kalau guna jenama lain rasa milky sangat.

Kan dah kata susah nak determine mana satu butter yang betul-betul sedap. Untuk mengetahui apa butter yang sesuai dengan pastri @ kek anda cara terbaik ialah cuba sendiri buat guna butter berbeza dan rasa. No shortcut 😉