Thursday, 29 December 2011

Quick Dinner Rolls

I usually bought this at Giant for less than 5 ringgit but when I browse through the net, I found out that u can make it in less than 2ringgit! but came to think of it, it's not about the price that I'm concern about when I'm making something. It's all about learning new skill and technique and let say by the end of the day it doesn't come out well, you still gain the experience and you become more grateful for what ever food people serve you! :D

So, I did a lil research on how to make quick dinner rolls but man, all the recipes for me is a bit deceiving. *a bit,huh?* no, they were all lying! Quick dinner rolls are not that quick to make! They should call it if-you-have-all-the-time-in-the-world-please-make-these-dinner-rolls instead! It's the same with making other bread. The yeast needs to be activated and then come the kneading part which will burn 100calories around the arm and you have to wait till the dough rise bla bla bla

But for the sake of trying, I am still on with my mission to try this so called quick dinner rolls. So I bought Mauripan instant yeast and inside they have about six recipes and one of them is raisin bread. I read through the recipe and to my surprise, it doesn't require yeast-activation! *now I know why it is called instant*

Anyhow, these are some tips on how to make "quick" dinner rolls:
1. Make it on a sunny day. It will rise faster. I did it on a cloudy day *look at the dough* it doesn't even double up the size! But I'm not interested in waiting. So I just continue :P
2. Use evaporated milk instead of fresh milk or plain water. It will taste creamier!
3. Don't put too much sugar if you're using evaporated milk.
4. Don't worry about the dough size. It will taste of bread after all..hehe..
5. And this one will be a guarantee or motivation *what ever you call it* home-made bread is always better than the store bought ones! The hard work just pays off right after you see the buns finishes in less than 5 minutes!*if you are not thinking of keeping it for dinner* or else, you will end up saying "FOR ALL THE HOURS I SPENT?!* :P

P/s: my rosette skill suck! T_T

Saturday, 19 November 2011

UKM Legal Aid Clinic

You sure know what clinic is. A place u go when u catch a flu, sore throat or u just doesn't feel so good. The doctor usually prescribe some medicine, give some advice you can rely on or most of the time, reassurance that everything will all be good :)

Now, what if u have issues regarding to your property? your family? your rights? That will surely leave you with sleepless nights isn't it? You will surely not be feeling so good but for such cases, you cannot simply go to the doctor and hope for prescription.

So, here's a solution!

Come to UKM Legal Aid Clinic, opening this monday (21/11/2011)
Opening hours: 10am-4pm (Monday-Friday)
10am-can't remember (Saturday)
Venue: 3rd Floor Unikeb, UKM (outside UKM).

Maybe you had recently purchase something that is not according to what u have ordered and wondering whether u have any right under the law to sue or you're wondering if you could do something about the pollution a nearby factory has constantly been doing.

What ever problems you have that requires legal advice, come and see us!

Good news, it's open for all! (For now)

We were all thrilled when seeing the new clinic yesterday. It was like moving to a new house! The furniture was all big and new and we just can't wait to be on duty!

Excuse me for being so excited T_T

Credit: pictures are from a friend's facebook

Friday, 18 November 2011

Cupcake project!

My friend wanted to surprise her boyfriend with rvc cupcake so she went to my house to complete that awesome mission! It's so easy when we have the same taste in designing the cuppies- simple yet striking

Them cutting 2 circles and 1 heart for hours!

White chocolate for the decoration

Here's how you do it:

Melt white chocolate for 30 seconds in microwave and whisk until smooth until it started to cool a bit. Pop in to the microwave again for 10 seconds and whisk again (this is only my version of tempering. please by all means use the correct technique :"| ) then add oil base colouring. spread on parchment paper @ plastic and cut out desired shape using cookie cutter. place in refrigerator for 5 minutes so it sets quickly. after that you can use it immediately!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Improvised banana walnut cupcake

By the time I'm typing this, the last batch of banana walnut cupcake is halfway cooking. You know, it's not easy to bumped into good pisang emas so whenever I found one I will just grab it without even thinking twice! So here's some pictures of..hurmm... whatever left to be captured heh:

What I did for improvement is replacing the white sugar with brown sugar and I tell you what, the result was amazing!

Here's the recipe.

While I was baking this I remembered a friend who had been requesting this cupcake but I cannot seem to fulfill it because I was so busy at that moment I just couldn't find time to go and search for bananas let alone bake! Sorry Izan! She is a good friend of mine studying in South Jakarta and I went to visit her for the second time empty handed!Can you believe that?! Good thing she doesn't kick me out of the house :p

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chocolate Ganache without Cooking Chocolate

Prior to Eid-ul-Adha, I made steam chocolate cake (again) for a neighbour. So this time I managed to capture the overflowing ganache which can make me myself drool everytime I see it!

So here's the very easy recipe:

1/2 c cocoa powder (I use Van Houten and yes, the quality of the cocoa powder plays a big role for the taste and the smell of the ganache)
1/2 c hot water
1/2 c condensed milk (I use half can)
1/2 c oil (I use Cap Buruh)

Mix everything until well-mixed and put in a pot or pan or whichever that fits on a slow heat until it thickens and shine.

I can assure you that you can never go wrong with this ganache and the only tip I can give u is: use a good quality chocolate! When handling chocolate, the better quality the better result that's it. very simple. A lot of my friends have tried it and it turned out goooddd :)

Btw, I took this recipe from the net long ago before I even started blogging (about food). So, my million thanks goes to the owner of the recipe. I'm sorry I forgot to jolt down your name on the recipe! :(

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Salam Aidiladha

Walaupun masih dengan baju kelawarkaftan di pagi Hari Raya Korban, mood raya tu still ada. Kenapa?

Ini jawapannya..

Dari depan: Apple & Peach Oat Crumble. Ni kebetulan buat semalam sebab ada epal tak habis-habis. Kira rezeki la ni ada pencuci mulut. Selalunya tak ada pencuci mulut pun.

Ayam masak merah


Kuah kacang yang berketul-ketul

Nasi impit

Sayur masak lodeh kegemarankuuuuu~

Kesemua diatas (kecuali Apple & Peach Oat Crumble) pabila dihimpun bersama menjadi... LONTONG!

Lontong ni hidangan wajib kami sekeluarga tak kira raya puasa atau raya haji. Selamat menjalani ibadah haji, ibadah korban dan Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha semua!

P/s: korang pulak makan apa?nak sikit! ;p

Friday, 4 November 2011


Woah this is something very rare to me. Posting for breakfast?

But but today is absolutely different! I woke up early wash my face, brush my teeth and just before I wanted to take a shower, I decided to google "renew passport Malaysia" and that is when I decided not to take a shower but put on some make up and shoot some passport photo instead..heheh..

The thing is, I have been facing some passport issue recently when I went to Jakarta. It's not an issue for anyone else I suppose. It's a big issue for only Miss I-just-couldn't-bother-reading-the-whole-passport-it's-not-fun-and-I-couldn't-care-less. Until, I was stopped at Sukarno Hatta Airport because my passport is suppose to be renewed!

Can you imagine that? Being alone at the airport for the very first time in your life and ur stopped by a cute looking officer and only to be told that he is sorry but he can't allow me to enter Jakarta! Just because he wants me to stay put and be there with him! *sorry..too much romantic airport scene hehe* Reality is: WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????? He then showed me a phrase that stated that the passport is not usable if it is expiring in 6 months! (yeah it's at the very last page where no one bothers to read) I mean I never knew that!

Then I tried tricking this officer with my terrible math skill. I said "well you see, that is when you start counting it from this month when you are suppose to count it from this month *with a very a confident face* Guess what? he laughed! Gosh that is so rude! Laughing at my math skill is one thing, laughing so hard until his friends came over is the other thing. Note: it's friends not A friend.

Then I've got no choice but to surrender. I said I never did knew about the 6 months expiry *with puppy eyes* Then he made few calls and asked some questions. And he said, okay, only this time and only this time he will let me in. Next time he said renew the passport!!! And just when I entered the airport I feel like kissing the floor! So, today, before I go to Jakarta again this Wednesday *always the last minute one la this mak cik* I decided to go to the Immigration Office to renew my long over due passport but I was stopped when I learned that we can renew it online! Don't you just love technology! <3 <3 <3

That's all about my very long journey of passport renewing. Still with the make up on, I remembered the ripe bananas a neighbour had given us. So, I decided to go down stairs and make a little dessert for breakfast.

Cekodok pisang

3/4 c flour
8 ripe bananas
a pinch of salt

1. Mix all the ingredients using your hand. Knead if you like. The batter will be more airy the more you knead. But you seriously don't have to knead it up until 1/2 hour or you can just bake a pizza for breakfast instead ><"

2. Put about 1 1/2 c of oil into a wok. And once the oil is hot, put in 1/2 tbs batter.

3. Using medium heat, turn the cekodok to the other side until both sides turns golden brown.

4. Lift the cekodok and place it on to the plate.

There you are cekodok ready to be eaten!

P/s: You see, I haven't bathe when I'm mixing this cekodok using my bare hand. So, I suppose that should do the trick for a real tasteful cekodok, huh?

Actually, this is how all the cekodok looks like..hehehe..

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Kindori Ice Cream,Pasta Zanmai & New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

Despite by piles of assignment, I agreed to follow these two ladies to Sunway Pyramid. The most significant shopping was only on face mask which is RM3! At first we decided to eat at Sushi Zanmai but when we asked the receptionist, here is how he replied:

"Can you see Body Shop over there?(which is above and opposite from where we were standing) You go straightttttt until you see Parkson. Enter Parkson until you reach outside, go up one level"

Yeah my legs were already wobbly the minute I heard the direction. So, we ended up eating at Pasta Zanmai which is two floors above (yeah the escalator is really near us)

These are the mini sets that cost us RM28 each (include tax, green tea etc)

Mine is the first one. I know mine was the first to be captured but I ate more than half already because my pasta isn't soupy so it took me only few slurps to finish. *Okay okay, I was a weee bit excited at the moment because the pasta tasted good~ In fact, all the dishes taste good. Oh and that's the good thing about pasta zanmai, they offer you all this pasta that has really good japanese flavors in it :) *Say gooodddddd~*

The green tea is served in a very small pot which will make you raise your hand quite oftenly for refill :"(

And this is not dessert *sad look at my bloated tummy* The ice cream is velvety but the flavor and sweetness are lacking. As I was eating, my friend said she had read at the board, "no sugar added, natural flavor blablabla" Okayyyy...*down*

So, we ended up having dessert at New Zealand Natural. Here the more scoop you add, the cheaper the price for the next scoop gets. *Or is it normal for ice cream?* The third scoop would be RM3. Flavors that I favour: Spotty dog & White Chocolate Raspeberry!

Last but not least, I hope you don't mine me doing food review here. Do tell me if you get annoyed with all these reviews and what you want is just recipe, recipe and recipe!!! Tq :)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Easy chocolate cake!

Of all the days I went through, only today that I had the time to explore the new Steam Grill Microwave Oven (Note: It's not a convection oven). It has so many functions that it took me the whole night to learn how to operate it *talk about exaggeration*

Just now, I decided to take a break from doing my assignment, run down the kitchen and meet the new Mr multi-function Microwave! We had some rough patches earlier last night but today he was being really really tolerable :)

And of course my first attempt would be chocolate cake! The good thing about baking a chocolate cake is that you can never go wrong with it! Trust me, if it's too dense you can just call it brownies and if it is too fluffy then you can just say you prefer your chocolate cake to be light or even it doesn't cook, you can still be proud of your very very moist and chocolatey chocolate cake :P

Enough with the endless exemption clauses I will now introduce to you my easy peasy chocolate cake recipe! It is soooo easy that you don't realise you're making yourself a cake! And you won't even feel guilty of sacrificing your assignment time to bake a cake! *Errr*

So, here's the recipe

Dry Ingredients:
1 1/2 c sugar
1 1/2 c flour
1 tsp soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 c cocoa powder

Wet ingredients:
1 1/2 c milk
1 c oil
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla *optional

Sift the dry ingredients except the sugar. Combine with wet ingredient and fold until well-mixed.

So here's the part where Mr Microwave comes in handy. Usually, I have to bring a pot of water to a boil just for the purpose of steaming the cake, but with Mr Microwave around, I can just pop the batter in the microwave, press micro steam function and set the time which is, please hold yourself tightly, I'm afraid you will fell off the's 15 mins! Yup no kidding! Is this the easiest chocolate cake on earth or what, right?

This is the only amount of water you need. Water saving it is!
Btw, this recipe will result in two delicious chocolate cake! *Unless you're using 20x20 baking pan*

So this is Mr Microwave I was telling you guys about! *Oh, please ignore the obnoxious figure, thank you*

And now, it's back to assignment..zzzzzzzzz..

Thursday, 27 October 2011

12 hours buffet @ Atrium Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

I bought two milkadeal vouchers few months ago and only last Sunday I had the time to redeem it.

I should say, it was worth the RM55! With all the variety of food from local cuisine to western dish and the most significant that you can't get anywhere else, multiple entries! Yup you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea-time, dinner and supper with just RM55!

The chicken lasagna, crispy fried red mullet and potatoes are divine! This is by far, the best chicken lasagna I've ever tasted!

This is how I ate the smoked salmon. I usually pay for belas-belas ringgit for a regular smoked salmon sandwich which sometimes doesn't taste that good. But this time I can eat a whole lot of it and it tasted really delicious!

And this is the most delicious bread & butter pudding with vanilla sauce I have ever eaten!

Yup, they offer a lot kind of seafood as well

This is spinach pie something. I didn't take it tho. Too much greenies :P

And this would be my first time tasting oyster! @La Marche it would cost you RM9 a piece but here you can eat them as much as u want!

For dessert I had fruits (no picture) and ice cream!

And I finished the endless food consumption with a cup of tea. I know, I know, tea is bad for digestion but that is the main reason why I took it after dinner! You see, when it's bad for digestion, all the food I've eaten earlier will stay longer in my tummy :P

Last but not least, what fruit is this?

That's all! Enjoy your day people!!!