Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Life as a wife

Married life is normal after all *of course, after 7 months of getting married*. The first few months was not somehow. I kept feeling guilty if I didn't cook and we ended up eating outside, I felt guilty if I didn't sweep the floor, I felt guilty all the time and not knowing what I'm doing is right or wrong. I even felt guilty if I suddenly woke up from sleep in the middle of the night realising at that moment I'm sleeping without facing my husband! *No! I didn't just do that! no! what now? do I wake him up and apologise?* (I heard somewhere that it is a SIN! a SIN okay! if you sleep without facing your husband! Imagine the pressure and pain to remain in the same position all night long!)

The guilt most probably comes from my noobness. This whole wifey thing is just so new. And that moment of time I was coping with only-god-knows-how-challenging-business-can-be-phase (the business is entering its second year) and I was wondering if I'm doing everything right most of the time. 

I was determine to be a good wife, the best a husband can wish for on the early days of marriage. Then after a good few months, I began to get comfortable with the husband, the house, the daily routines I  began to forget to be the ideal wife and starts doing everything naturally. And I am much more happier. The husband is of course happy when you are happy. The funny part is when you're being you, you have ample time to do so much more! Because you are more relaxed, composed, no pressure and it felt so good not to plan and worry about everything and just enjoy the moment~    

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