Saturday, 29 November 2014

Late late late

My husband is fast asleep and it's! hmmmpphhh!!!

I got a tight schedule till next year and I just can't afford wasting any seconds what else hours. Man, I hate thinking or planning or doing anything relating to time management. Time management means organisation and organisation means tiring and tiring means stressful. But what can you do.

I wanna be a bird please. No, I'm kidding. I wanna be a butterfly. Ok kidding again. Erghh! How to wake your husband up? I need to go to two shops, two friends' house (supposedly three but I think that's too much to ask by now).

Oh, great! and now it's raining, heavily. Welcome to married life people! Well, nobody said it was easy T_T. I thought marrying a version of me would be fun. You know laid back, carefree and all. No it's not! No wonder my mum can't stand me! I can't even stand his version of myself now. Lol.  

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