Thursday, 25 June 2015

Hello baby

Few weeks ago, I ordered a book entitled "Hypnobirthing The Mongan Method". The book was awesome! Since 1st trimester had treated me pretty harshly, I am so glad this book had me gain and recollect so much positivity and renewed my energy.

Above all, I now really believe that every woman are made for this and it is not necessary to endure pain throughout the whole process *super relieved!* But to achieve that stage of calmness I must really practice the breathing techniques and set my mind that everything will be alright. 

The book also emphasize on pre-birth bonding with the baby (the main point I'm writing this). Make the baby feel welcomed and wanted. Sing to the baby, read to the baby, talk to the baby, tell the baby how much the baby is loved. Among others, it is recommended to write letters or keep journal for the baby.

So here goes my first letter to my baby:

Letter #1

Hi, baby! Mama here and those noises you heard occasionally are Papa and Mama talking to you while caressing my tummy. We love you especially Papa. He constantly reminds me to be grateful that I am not working and can take care of both of us without any distraction. He also reminds me not to talk too much *hihi* and watch every word I say just in case you will get hurt from those words. Ok baby will write to you again soon!         

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Jαnnαhツ said...

ahahha comel je mu wawa. part suami siap pesan jangan cakap banyak tu yg tak menahan. hahaha~