Thursday, 5 June 2014

Closing Down

Most of the question I got nowadays besides inquiries on orders and the location of The Spot (yup, still so many are not aware of the status, got a lot of them in Facebook message despite by the current closing down status ><" ) is WHY???!!!why do you decide to close down?

To name a few reasons is unfair and to point out so much is too cruel. I will start of with the lack-of-staff-reason. Many would understand but a few will just go.."haaa?you don't just close down a shop just because of that!". For some (or many) no, they wouldn't. Especially after all the hardwork they had put in and after seeing the business is achieving so much and just, just starting to bloom. 

And to think back again, I have been through high staff turnover problem since day 1. The major reason can't possibly be the staff. But why? why at that moment of time I am so sure about closing down the shop? 

When I really think of it, it is because I decided to be a wife. Not a good wife (even up until now I don't think I'm being a good wife) but I want to be a wife. I no longer want my priority to be the shop. It's quite a selfish decision but so long as the investor agreed, I'm willing to start all over again when the time comes. 

For those who are thinking about doing business, don't be afraid after reading this. At least now you know that life is all about priority. You cannot have it all my dear. If you want to do business, do it! Go do your best and be a millionaire out of it, create job opportunities for others, be happy for what you have chosen. 

And for those who have deep passion in business but still hindered by your current life status, be patience, insyaAllah the best is yet to come. Whatever it is, be happy because everything that had happened is Allah's beautiful plan for us. And He's plan is the best!  

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