Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Business again!

I think I am so passionate about business more than I even realised it! Yeah, there are times my husband didn't even allow me to think because he fears the sudden blink, you know the bub light moment-where your brain will suddenly go "Tinkkk!" and you will be so excited and.. and.. here's the scariest part: he has to listen to every little bit of it and..and.. he has to agree on it. Until the next day I will tell him "know what? I don't think it'll work because I just realised bla bla bla" God knows how relieved he is by then. Poor thing. That's why in return wives should follow every single order from Le Husband, ok girls?!  

But one thing I really do learn from the past is taking things slow. I use to rush into everything! I want it and I WANT IT NOW!!! pleaseee~ I wonder where did I get that character from. 

And I wonder did I ever had the word patience registered in my dictionary because I'm not seeing it until now. I guess patience is not just a word you can implement whenever or wherever you want. It needs circumstances where you feel like blowing up and you blowed up the first time. The second time, someone came into your life and introduce you to patience and show you how it is done. And you began to question "but that is stupid! sitting there doing nothing, you don't wait! You go for it!" But noooo..sometimes or most of the time you really need patience to go through life. And you get it by practising it, over and over again. 

That's why the Al-mighty loves people who are constantly patience in life. Because man it ain't easy! But once you get a hold of it, you can see how wonderful life can be :)  

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