Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I never really liked new years simply because it makes me feel old! But because 2012 had been a tremendously hectic year it is worth a post.

Most notable in 2012:

1. Both of my big sisters got married. And that's enough to make me puke over the thought of handling a wedding event. It is exhausting and it is not fun at all trust me. Going to one is exciting but handling one is so tiring I tell u. Mine later would be just akad nikah at masjid and eat nasi campur. Wedding dress will be recycled either my mum's or my sisters' which ever that fits me. Note the word fit not suit ok!

2. I got a nephew!  *Go Mak Lang!*

3. I graduated from law school, finally~

4. I started a project, broke down a few times, still struggling but grateful for each moment.

5. What else? I thought I would've come out with at least 10 just for the sake of showing u guys how busy I've been in 2012! Ok come on brain, work with me.. Oh okay, my first booth-experience.

6. And..hurmmm that's it I guess. That's a few that i can remember so far.

Gosh this must be the worst 2012 post ever!

Anyways, I'm grateful for the ups and downs I've been through through out the year. It makes me well, miss my teenage years moreee! Come back to me, baby! I have never miss my old days *which is my younger days lah* as much as this!

This post makes me dislike new year even more. I'm not wishing anyone happy new year this year. That's it.


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