Saturday, 15 December 2012

100th post

No business talk this time, promise! 

I believe I am still mourning over a death of a person whom I have never even met. And that makes me wonder how would I feel if I were really in the family's shoe. 

Lately, (after my grandma died specifically) every death seems like a very big deal to me. Not that it didn't matter before but the feeling of losing someone even if you haven't met the person or met the person once or twice only is deeply embedded in your heart. And it stays there. 

I guess that is what happens when we grow older. We learn things faster and it is too fast that even if the event doesn't straightly occurs to us, we can still feel the sadness out of it. We understand things a tad too much and pick things up wayyy to fast. 

Maybe death is a test not just for the family, friends and relatives but also for those who simply knew about the news. Take Palestine for example. We were all saddened by the death reported. Or the school shooting in America. Hurmmm...too serious for a 100th entry huh 



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condolences... em, quite serious for the 100th post...

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