Saturday, 8 June 2013

Deep deep until you drown

Just got engaged. Both sides of the family came, discussed, but I'm not directly involved. In Malay tradition, decisions are usually made by the family and not the couple themselves. So, what I'm doing is just go with the flow. No, no, don't get me wrong. I love the tradition. It makes everything easier for me. I can just get everything done without me taking charge or without me being there.

It's just that I'm going with the flow a tad too much until i forgot that I am suppose to be nervous or happy or relieved. Since yesterday, my mind can't stop thinking about the shop. Yup, I am too busy keeping the shop alive up to the extend that I am not "alive" myself.

The shop is doing fine. Now, I'm having the "common issue" shopkeepers have that sometimes can make them just pack all things up and forget about everything. Which in a sense scares me, a lot! I'm having a tough time finding employees.

In Food & Beverage industry, the perfect employees you can think of is the culinary graduates or better yet culinary certificate holders. But they don't want to work at any other place other than the hotels. Then, foreigners comes next to the list. But they are really expensive! Other options are like what I'm having now, part-times or full-time staff that works only for short period.

Hurmmmm. I wonder how other people made it. Pray for me people. At times like this, I will just let it be. What ever happens next is destined and what I can do today is just struggle, pray & hope...  

1 comment:

wanizati said...

nak jadi assistant ! boleh belajar selok belok pasal the spot.. kite tolong awok mahu ?

haa lagi satu congrats for ur engagement :DD tertunggu2 ai.. ^^

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