Monday, 15 August 2011

This is my story- Wardina Saffiyah

I know this is a food blog but I can't help but to share this video here:

I'm sure it touches your heart as much as it touches mine. The most valuable quote I can grasp throughout this whole video other than the obvious ones which are the unconditional love of a mother and the infinite love of the Almighty, is that WE CAN NEVER JUDGE! In other words, Husnuszon!

The prophet SAW (peace be upon him) had this very clear when he always emphasizes that akhlak (attitude) has bigger role to play in dakwah rather than preaching about ibadah or muamalah. Why? because it's human nature that we are attracted to accept something from someone that will make us feel good rather than accepting things from person who will always make us look bad *even if we are*.

And judging people doesn't comes with certain formalities. So most of the time we usually judge people and not realising we're actually judging them. Err do you get me?

For example we just finished 8 rakaat terawikh and we saw one of our friends is rushing to go back. We then asked the friend "what's with the rush? You should stay and perform the witir as well" But the friend just smile back and said "it's okay" and leave. Deep down you're feeling how sad it is that the friend doesn't want to earn simple pahala like that. But for all you know she was rushing to perform another 12 rakaat at home.

By advising the friend to perform witir doesn't seem judgmental at all at first glance. Isn't it? In fact, it seems like we're gaining so much pahala that night. Not just pahala for terawikh but also pahala for the free advice we had given. Little that we know that we are actually judging the friend. We are actually believing that the friend is plain lazy that a simple witir performance is such a burden for her. And god knows how the friend would be feeling! If she's the kind that doesn't want to show off she'll just smile but if she's too, is being judgmental she will think that her friend is so shallow and proudly tell her that she was going to continue performing terawih at home. So there goes the judging scene that shouldn't even occur among us muslims (Wait, why am I sounding like a judgmental-expert here? or maybe I am! T_T)

And that my friend *HIMYM mode* is just one subtle example and there's a lot more! However there are also a lot of people I know that does not judge even to the obvious! So this kind of people for me is the one we should be looking up upon. Not some random people that happens to seem nice at the outside but when you get to know em a bit more closely u will see that they think they are really good that all they do is finding wrong in others.

I hope you're not misinterpreting what I'm trying to say here. I don't mean that we cannot advice each other to do good but sometimes the way we advise it sounds more judgmental than being a mere good advice. So it will end up, the person who we wish would change to the better after hearing our advice will change to worst! We don't want that do we? :) In this case, I should salute Wardina's mother that wants her child to change but not by cursing or restricting but by doa and be patient. Only Allah can change a people not us. So, say no to being judgmental people!

I myself need to improve on this. So, actually this post goes to me :P


nn said...

memang penyampaian wardina tu sangat terkesan. tapi aku tak suka telekung dia. just saying.

eencyweency said...

hahaha!colour die ke?xpe nmpk sgt die konfiden :)

nadiah ;; said...

judgemental.huwargh.thats me. >.<

eencyweency said...

Semorg pn blh jd..aku pn..smada kte nk judge or x..(ape ke pelik ayat aku nih?)