Monday, 8 August 2011

Banana walnut cupcake

I had my first very delicious banana walnut cupcake at my neighbour's party. It was soooo delicious that I put banana walnut cupcake as my #1 favourite cupcake! If you don't like banana walnut cupcake, it's either u had never tasted a delicious one before or u just don't like banana. If the reason is other than stated, pleaseee try this recipe!!!And I got the recipe from the net btw but I forgot which website because I had it long ago. So if u think the recipe belongs to u, thank you kind people!

1/2 c butter
1/2 c sugar (the recipe calls for more but as usual I lessen it)
2 eggs
1c mashed very very ripe bananas (it's sooo ripe that it will be rotten in a few days)
2 c flour
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1/2 c walnut

Pour all ingredients except the walnut in a blender @ use mixer and when the batter is slightly incorporated, put in walnuts and beat using spatula. Before that, preheat ur oven at 180 degrees Celsius!

Put a spoonful of batter in a cup (half of this batter will make 16 cupcakes-so if you put two spoons you will get 8 cupcakes) bake for 20-25 minutes until it is brown~

Tips and tricks:
As usual when u make cake, muffins or cupcakes, DON'T OVER BEAT it! If you're making muffins, just pour all ingredient into the mixing bowl and beat it alll at once! but if you're making cake or cupcake, u may want to cream the butter first.

For the walnuts, use it fresh! Don't chop, don't roast and make sure it's not wet!

And this is the most essential part: use pisang emas only!!! *gold banana only :P* if u can't find pisang emas then don't do it yet!

That's all!

Selamat sungkai lovely people! (Happy iftar in Sabah)

This is "pisang emas"
I'm sooo lazy I'm using the blender. Please by all means, use the mixer. This is so not proper T_T

Yup, the baking pan is floating its way to the oven! :P


nadiah ;; said...

hehe cm tetaw je kt umah aku ni byk naw pisang!!

eencyweency said...

ade cctv aku ltk aritu ngn meyam sembunyik2..hehe

Jαnnαhツ said...

wah, looks good! wawa suka masak eh??

eencyweency said...

TQ jannah! :-) suke mkn senanye so tpaksela masak..hehe

isan said...

wawaaaaaaa..!! nok gok rase..
aku xdok tray ge mu, lubang2..
so dok leh nk wakk (alasan)

eencyweency said...

nk rase mai sini la..xpn mcm bese aku g dinuuu..haha..ngade mu tray berlubang bkn ingredient pn!x wajib bak kate cg zul ;p

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Izan; ak bru j wt. Ak gna pisang bkn emas dan almond sbb xde wlnut

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Izan; ak bru j wt. Ak gna pisang bkn emas dan almond sbb xde wlnut

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

And ak xde tray lubang2