Thursday, 18 August 2011

Butter Prawn @ Shrimp

Firstly, can anyone tell me the difference between shrimp and prawn? Secondly, is it necessary to differentiate between the two? Okay I'm done with Marine Biology questions let's start with today's recipe! This recipe is so simple yet I cannot be making it everyday because it's prawns! (or shrimps!) *do I really need to state both every time I want to say prawn? or shrimp?Urghhh* so the point is, it's pricey :"(

Usually you can find this dish in Chinese restaurants but I seriously prefer it to be home-made. Top three reasons why you have to make it at home are: 1st: because the restaurant version is too sweet. 2nd: there is too much of the flakes that I have to dig really really deep into the plate to search for the prawns @ shrimps *ok I'm doing it again* and the top reason for me to cook it at home is that it is easy peasy!

-Cooking oil (to fry the prawn @ shrimp *I know u got it alright just state one!prawn @ shrimp!* and about 1/3 c to start making the butter prawn *finally* or shrimp :P
-1.5kg prawns @ shrimps *I still cannot decide whether to settle with prawns or shrimps*
-2tbs butter @ margarine
-2 eggs (lightly beaten so the whites and yolks are incorporated don't over-beat until it produces bubbles)
-1 clove of garlic
-1 onion
-salt and white pepper

-oats (but this is a must for me) put it after putting the shrimps
-chopped chillies -put it together with garlic and onion
-curry leaves -put it together with garlic and onion

1. Fry the shrimp until it turns red. This will only take a minute or two. Lift it and remove excessive oil or moisture by putting it into a basket strainer or onto tissue paper.
2. I usually use another 1/3 c oil but if you only cooking about 200g prawns u can just reduce the oil you used earlier. When the oil is hot, put in butter followed by the eggs.
*Now, this can be quite tricky. If you put the eggs too fast, it can turn into omelette instead. So what you're gonna do is hold the bowl approximately at par with your chest level with your left hand. While your right hand will be swirling the oil using spatula *sudip*. Put in the eggs very slowly and make sure it forms thin layer and vigorously stir it so that the eggs will separate and not joined.
3. Then put in garlic and onion followed by salt and pepper. And lastly put in the shrimps. Stir until it's dry but not burned! There you have it! Simple isn't it?

Tips and tricks:
1. Make sure you had really remove excessive moisture from the shrimps before you begin with the second step.
2. Use new oil if the earlier has turned red or else the eggs will not turn crispy.
3. Make sure all ingredients are ready because the process of cooking butter prawn can be very fast that you will have no time to search for other ingredients while stirring it.

That's just about it. So, how about you guys? What did you guys had for Iftar today?


Jαnnαhツ said...

erm, looks tasty! besenye org ckp prawn lagi besar dari shrimp. tp rasenye tak bese sangat pun dua2 tu. asal sedap dimakan sudah. huhu.

Jαnnαhツ said...
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eencyweency said...

ok tu jwpn plg terbaik!Asal sedap dah kan..xkre la shrimp ke kalo mcm tu ni kre shrimp la sbb die x bsr sgt..udang biase je

nadiah ;; said...

gambaaaa mcm kat kedaiii class punye. wohoo

eencyweency said...

kedai yg jual kelas?hehe xde rr..dh tu org sll beno srh tgkp elok sket..aku dh rase mcm..dh la kene msk..kene tgkp gambar plk..byk kojo den

Nava Krishnan said...

Looks really delicious and so appetizing.

eencyweency said...

Tq Nava! Try really is easy and simple to make :)

Zack Zachoes said...

hehe, i've been puzzling about that for ages too. is it prawn or shrimp???

Anonymous said...

here you go. difference b/w prawn and shrimp.^^

eencyweency said...

Tq :)

Anonymous said...

Prawns are larger in size, and have larger legs with claws on three pairs. They have branching gills. Shrimp are smaller, have shorter legs and have claws only on two pairs. Their gills are lamellar. The term "prawn" only signifies freshwater forms of palaemonids and "shrimp" for the marine penaeids.