Friday, 26 August 2011

Journey to the west

The 3 course meal we had last night for Iftar:

Appetizer- Mushroom Bruschetta inspired by this blog

Entree- Macaroni Lasagna inspired by Zack

Dessert- Apple & Peach with Oat Crumble

P/s: Gonna post the Apple & Peach Crumble recipe real soon! But I'm not going to post the appetizer n entree recipe. I didn't follow the exact recipe so it didn't turn out great :( *sorry recipe owners* But I will try them again and share the recipes here. Meanwhile, you can browse through the links I've put above :)


nadiah ;; said...

thick cream tu yang mane wa? 0.o

eencyweency said...

Yg jename Paul's aku gne susu cair je..kalo gne cream biase nestle tu or cream ape2 pn blh rasenye sbb nk bg creamy..xnk ltk lgsg pn xpe sbb rase cendawan pn dah sodap!

Zack Zachoes said...

eencyweency, ni ka dia the mac lasagna puasa aritu? looks yummy dh ni, terliuq pula tengok T_T

eencyweency said...

yup sebelum bakar..sori kak zack sy buat termasin la plk..lenkali sy cbe lagi..tq so much for the recipe!!!