Friday, 5 August 2011

popiah/spring roll skin

My lil sister Irah still doesn't understand how to make the skin. So I recorded a video just now. I got only two hands *yeah and everyone else got tons ;p*, one holding the camera and the other has to do multiple jobs at once.

Basically, in this video u can see my hand is spreading the very sticky batter on to the pan. Then I covered any holes even the smallest hole. Because u don't want the filling to leak. U know the skin is done when the sides does not stick to the pan ( yeah thats the sound from the tap as I was washing my hands to lift the skin up)

I wish I had Iyah @ Izan here. They are the best! If they were here, they can at least help recording the video or help removing the skin from the pan T_T Miss you two!!


isan said...

eh. yg mu maksudkan izan tu isan baslina ke?? :P

tak sangke aku ni byk membantu dlm hal2 ni..

eencyweency said...

isan benzoat laaa :P