Friday, 12 August 2011

cek mek molek (kuih bajet comel :P)

I just finished making cek mek molek and this would be the 3rd time I'm making it. The first time I made cek mek molek, it didn't turn out well. It was soaked with oil because the dough was very soft. The second time somehow it became too hard because of the excessive flour.

And today, guess hows the result?GREATTT!! So now you may as well use the tricks and tips I gained below after going through two unsatisfying cek mek molek *this is the whole point of having tested recipes anyways ><"*

2 c mashed sweet potato
1 c flour
sugar (for the filling)
oil (to grease your hand and to fry :P)

1. Just add flour to the mashed sweet potato and mix well. You know it's done when it can be shaped.
2. It will still be slightly sticky so you need to grease your hand (I use cooking oil but u can also use shortening, mergerine, butter etc)<----this tip was brought to u by Izan's mom *thank you mak cik! :D*
3. Shape the dough into 1 1/2 inches balls and flatten it on your palm.
4. Then add about 1/2 tbs sugar (put according to your liking) on the flatten dough. Meet both ends and it will turn into oblong shape and if it doesn't just make it until it becomes oblong! *sorry I'm a bit bossy there*
5. Heat about 3/4 c oil in the wok and fry until it turns golden brown :)

Tips and tricks:
1. After going through all the recipes on the net, one thing I saw that all the recipes have incommon is that the ratio of mashed sweet potato and flour is 2:1. So for example, if you have 1 cup sweet potato, use 1/2 c flour. I wouldn't recommend you to use more or less because of the above mentioned experiences T_T
2. Grease you hand after you're done with the dough and before you start shaping it. I should say this tip is the most essential of all. Again, I am so thankful to Izan for sharing this tip. Or else I will forever and ever left with "cek mek molek gone wrong" :(
3. Make sure the sugar in the centre is well-covered or else it will leak and burn when u fry the cek mek molek

There you go. Delicious cek mek molek ready to eat! This kuih may look simple I mean you just have to mash the potato-throw in flour-mix,mix,mix-put in sugar-fry. But you will be surprise to know it can sometimes turn out terribly horrible *that's mean* when you don't know for example when to stop kneading, how much sugar should you place on the center. But fret not, these tips and tricks I've given you will sure help you a lot!


Jαnnαhツ said...

sedapnya che mek molek.

nadiah ;; said...

aku suke kueh ni!! 1st time aku mkn tym kt gombak lahh. hahaha >.< dah bertahun idup baru taw die sdp. n aku br taw name die sbb ko post =.='

eencyweency said...

jannah:yg kali ni la..hok sebelum2 ni horror :(
neda:comel je ko..buat la..nnt jd mcm mak aku mkn byk gle..sbb mak aku ske..pastu die pn dpt tau kueh ni time msk upm..haa same la korg 2 org..haha

aina yazaz said...

mek comey rr..baru komersial name ye..haha.
(aku g post kat fb. plek2 guh ah. T_T)

eencyweency said...

mek comey bahase ganu..mende hok pelek?pos kat fb ke name mek comey ni??

Amirul Amin said...

senyumlah senyumlah ahaii cek mek molek..

eencyweency said...

Hahaha!kuih cek mek molek ni dah xyah senyum sbb dah manis (mmg la bajet cute ><")

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

it's been so so long since I've had cek mek molek, the last one was in 2005. The canteen lady made it so nice, love it when the syrup squirts out. Yummy!

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