Saturday, 30 July 2011

How to Decorate Cake Using Fondant

Hi again. I've been really busy these past few days. My sister, is getting engaged today! And despite by months and months of preparation, we still get busy and exhausted. My mom and I decided to clear up the living room by ourselves so imagine the workload!

Before things got busy, I thought of writing down traditional recipe. But now I had something else in my mind. Yup you read it, decorating your cake using fondant.

All you need is cake, frosting and fondant.

This is a recipe for a good fondant and it is call Marshmallow(MM) Fondant. I usually use this recipe but yesterday, I used the store-bought one to save time and energy however the taste is awful! It tasted like sirap (as in air sirap). Don't get me wrong air sirap is good but air sirap-tasting-fondant is a bit unusual. And it is expensive too! I usually use fondant to make letters on cupcakes ONLY but yesterday I decided to go a bit extreme and make my own fondant cake for the hantaran!

So, if you don't want to waste money and want something that tasted good, use MM Fondant.

Marshmallows (depends on usage, For letters 2-3 is enough)
Icing sugar

Put the marshmallow in microwave for 20 seconds, take it out and stir and put is back. Until the mm has melted.
Then knead the mm with marshmallow. For this, you really need an ample working table. And if the fondant get really sticky on your hands, grease your hands using shortening beforehand (I don't grease btw)
You know you're done when the fondant is mouldable and yet it doesnt stick.

Now, here are some pictures to show my way of fondant-ing the cake. In cake-decorating world, you may want to use specific tools for decorating so the result is perfect! But being me I just like to use what ever I have in the kitchen.

Soak the decorating knife in hot water and wipe the excessive water. My mom thought me this technique she learnt at a bakery during her school trip ages ago.
Smoothen the cake surface
Spread icing sugar before rolling the fondant..and guess what people?I don't have picture of me rolling it! Grrr and that is the most important part! Anyhow, the trick is that, u keep on moving the fondant while you roll. Let say you roll two time on the upper left, move the fondant a bit before you roll in on other side so that it wont stick. Add icing sugar from time to time so the fondant becomes smooth. And again, I forgot to snap the rose-making part! Grrr sorry..sorry..
So here's the sad about 6pm, one of the roses fall and out of all the roses, the one at the centre fall! Because this is a hantaran, I don't want to present the patch-work cake. It is terrible! even other parts are still nice but this is a hantaran so a 'hantaran-cake' it should be! So, guess what? I bake a new cake and made another one! I was so tired luckily my relatives and my big sis, Jaja came home to the rescue. So here's the result:
Have a fun weekend ahead everyone! And since today and tomorrow will be a busy day, I want to wish ya'll Happy Fasting in advance! Fulfill this coming Ramadhan al-Mubarak with good deeds and I pray for this Ramadhan will be better than last year's for everyone!InsyaAllah..


nadiah ;; said...

i love the roses!! seriously! nxt time i go to ur house, lets make this. bleyyyy x?? huwaaa very likeee

eencyweency said...

boley2 aku rase kalo ko buat mesti lg kemas n cantik sbb ko kan tgn berseni!

Fatin Faseeha Azmi said...

thanks again for the info!

eencyweency said...

welcome fatin! :)

izan said...

tok imam gilooooooo...!!!! hahha
sifu mmg betul2 SIFU!!!!
Tabik spring!!

p/s: aku juppe doh org paling layok nk hias2 hantaran aku kalu aku ada jodoh kawen di dunia ni..

nadiah ;; said...

izan kawan wawa : same la! kawen t taw dah nk tempah kt sape. hehehe :P:P

eencyweency said...

izan n neda:haa bagus la tu..kawen skrg!aku tgh free ni..hehe

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

wa!!! retinye mu wat. ak out lg lah nk wt icing. ak rse mu kne wt dpn ak.. plis....

eencyweency said...

boleh je..meh sini gop singgoh rumoh aku beto ble2 mu mari toh ke ning

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

ak bese sapa kt bukit jelutong. phtu dop g mane2. xknl jln

eencyweency said...

xpela kot2 ade kesempatan..mari la singgoh..dr airport dlm 30 minit..