Monday, 25 July 2011

Praises to the Almighty

This time, instead of sharing a recipe, I'm gonna share with ya'll my experience. Why? U'll figure it out at the end of the post *I hope so*

I was blessed with a very patient mom. My mom never scold us for ruining her kitchen despite by her "clean reputation". And as a kid, I think kitchen is the best spot in the house! There are tons of cool stuffs like the knife, the blender, the grater etc etc. However every time I wanted to get my hands on the knife, my mom will give me table knife instead T_T. Oh, and I have a confession to make

"mummy, I used the blender when I was about 8 to make orange juice because I saw the mamak at Section 4 did that when I ordered orange juice. It tasted bitter because I blendered the seed as well *good thing the mamak made it clear to peel off the skin* so instead of finishing it up I saved it in the fridge. To my surprise, it disappeared the next day. no, no I don't mean to brag mummy but I'm just saying if I had been a nice follow-what-ever-mummy-said type of girl I wouldn't have discovered how to use the blender!okay okay i know u will eventually make me use it. but for the sake of love and affection, i hope mummy will forgive me"

And I remembered 'helping' mummy with the pizza dough. Baking project with my sister, Bila. We made simple simple cookies and cakes like cornflakes biscuit, kek batik, chocolate cake, box chip chocolate cookies what else? All of which slowly ruining mummy's kitchen and the best part is, when the cookies are ready there's a pile of dishes waiting to be washed at the sink and we just leave it like that. Sorry mummy.. :'(

I hope you're not reading my intention wrongly. I'm not bragging about my accomplishment during my childhood years but I want to tell you how grateful I am that Allah has given my mom patience to cope with all the "creativity" going up and down the kitchen. Had Allah not given His mercy and left us all with a very tidy mum with zero patience and negative toleration, none of this will happen. None!

I know for sure because my mom always told us that she never had the chance like what we had. So, all of this will not happen if Allah doesn't arrange my journey of life this way,all praises to Allah.

Then, cooking becomes a hobby. I cook every time I'm bored or should I say We cook every time We're bored *yes it is always us duo, me n my sis, Bila* until I cook alone for the first time and that was 14 years back. The story begins when my mom promised that we will make my favourite caramel pudding together but she has to cancel as she has something else to do. Being me, I'm so determine to eat it so I decided to make it alone. At that time, I can't even reach the stove! But a strong will is all it takes. When my mum was back, she was surprised but she didn't get mad. She said something like "way to go" instead. Someone else finished the mess I left by the way..hehe..

When I was in standard five, my class teacher asked for my chip choc cookies and caramel pudding recipe because I wrote "cooking chip chocolate cookies and caramel pudding" as a hobby when we were told to write an essay about ourselves. Since then she always claim cookies from me. But I never did have the chance to give it to her because my family are all cookie monsters. The cookies didn't even make its way to the jar!Oh, and my class teacher's name is Cikgu Zarazilah.

Growing up in Terengganu, Allah with his plans and arrangements like no other, blessed me with friends that loves to cook! We exchange recipes and did quite a number of cooking date especially in Cikgu Raina's house. She is one cool teacher I have to say!Thanks to her I know how to clean a fish!

Then the serious part of cooking comes when I had to cook for the whole family every day after I finish my SPM. I was given a maid+driver task with the sallary of RM500 (only) and weekends off. Life was cruel at that moment but I little did I know that the task was the most valuable task my parents had given me. Now, that I'm big, I was grateful for having that moment that speeded up my maturity level. It teaches me responsibility and family affairs like no other! I begin to look up to every single maid and homemaker. And when people say there's no job unless it is hardwork, I couldn't agree more.

Before moving to Nilai, I felt like cooking for my friends whom I never had the chance to cook for. I wanted to invite all of them but my mom said u can only invite 20. I figured that I once had a baking project with my primary school friends at my house. So this time, I'm inviting high school friends. and that was when I'm 19 I guess. And then, I felt good about it. I love people coming to my house and stuff their tummy. The feeling is just inexplicable!

And now, I'm still learning and learning and gaining skills and experience, from people, from the net, from observations, from tv, from radio, from books, from you! yes you!

And if you have been reading what I wrote from the start *I hope you had*, you will know that I am not talented. at all T_T

I come from a long journey of cooking where the start is blurry and the possibility is endless *talking about boring and confusing taglines..eyew* I take all of these as Allah's arrangment. *My friend Izan said, there's no such thing as coincidence there is only destiny*

Thank you for friends and families saying I'm a good cook. But truth to be told, I am not. Not because I don't know how to accept your compliments but because I really do feel that I don't deserve it. Even a tiny dot of it. Because as I said, this is all Allah's arrangement.

Allah has arrangements for all of us. And the good thing is, Allah's arrangement is the best! I can train myself to be a doctor, train myself to be a businesswoman or tv personality. But is that what Allah wants for me? So, what I'm trying to say here is, brush up your ability because we don't know what is Allah's arrangement for us. All that we know is we must work hard and sincerely. *erkk okayyy i'm confused*

*I think I may have strayed a lil, sorry..hehe* But the point is, I'm here sharing with you guys recipes not because I'm trying to reach out to everyone in the world telling how a good cook I am.I never thought of it that way. I believe there are a lot of you that can cook better than me. But for those who feel threatened, I'm not here to intimidate, I am not here to tell you I am better than you, I don't want you to feel how good I am that you think you're not, don't see me as someone to compete with, please don't. I'm not good. at all. *I wanted to join masterchef but my mom was sooo skeptical about my cooking skills* there. I said it. I'm not good T_T

And I would like to assert here that there is no particular reason why I wrote this but suddenly I feel like writing it. When I cook and it came out well, it is Allah's consent, if I cook and it comes out badly, Allah does not allow it to be. Remember, we can do what ever we want to but it's up to the Almighty to decide. However, we can improve and Allah is so merciful that He will give you the best. If delicious result is the best for you, then delicious it is. But if it is lacking something somewhere then try again and again. I hope this piece is useful for us and thank you for reading!


nadiah ;; said...

wow! proud of u dear :)

eencyweency said...

Proud of u too girl ;-) masyaAllah..

nn said...

nak join masterchef rupanya. kau layak ok! nanti bila tengok tv boleh cakap kau kawan aku. ala gebang sikit sebab pernah makan benda-benda yang kau masak. hahaha

nadiah ;; said...

seriously, if aku ade umah sniri, i will invite u over countless times!! nk blaja msk ngn ko! hehehe, sygnye we've so lil time to spend together!! huhu

eencyweency said...

naima:hahaha!tp jgn kecoh2 tau..segan i..mak aku bkn main bangkang lg..uhuk2..sadis!!!
neda:ala skrg pn kte blh main masak2..tggu ko dh naik sem..bosan2 dtg je rumah..kte try same2 buat sushi mcm sakae sushi ke..hoho tggi x cite2??haha

nadiah ;; said...

hehe boleh jee!!! ala bli je yg sotong ke telur tu kt kepo, then kte roll2 sniri. hehehe. lets!!

eencyweency said...

sotong ke telo kat kepo?yg mane satu???

nadiah ;; said...

sotong yg sll letak lam tako tuh. pastu yg telo ikan tuh, kaler oren. alaaa yg inti sushi la sume!hehe

eencyweency said...

owh yg tu..ade jual tros eh??lagi sonang mcm ni..jom buat!!!