Thursday, 14 July 2011

Butter Rice and Potato Salad (ala Wawa :P)

Neda, this one is for u!

I should say this is a butter rice with a twist. I was inspired by Kenny Rogers Roasters rice so one day I added red and green capsicum, Bombay onion and carrots in my butter rice recipe. So basically, if u don't have all the above ingredients, it will still be a fine flavoured rice. U can also add raisins, almonds, cashews or anything that u think will have the ability to make people drool to the look of ur butter rice!

Butter Rice ala Wawa

3 cups of rice (3 pot)
2 cloves of garlic
1 medium size shallot
1/2 cup butter
1 cube of chicken stock

1. melt butter and saute (tumis) garlic and shallot in a pan.
2. place washed rice into the rice cooker and put in the sauted ingredients.
3. add some twist! so u can create butter rice ala ...... (ur name please) hehe..
4. put in some water until the water line is slightly nearing number 4.
5. Mix it a lil and press cook!

Potato salad

Potatoes *potato tomato tomato*
red capsicum
green capsicum
big onion

1.boil potatoes until soft and let cool.
2. Once it is cool, peel the skin off and cut into 4 wedges
3. Pour generous amount of mayonnaise gracefully *don't ruin the potatoes!and i mean it!*
4. and garnish it with cut capsicum and onion. no no not just garnish it.again, mix it a lil but be extra careful!


nadiah ;; said...

yeay!! thnks darl!! will try later!! hehe

eencyweency said...

no problemo~ welcome! :)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

rmember when i used to think tht potato was orange

nadiah ;; said...

gune majerin pun will do an?

eencyweency said...

of course fact 1st time aku buat gne marjerin dlm 1senduk tp xde la senduk menngunung..kre colek gne senduk gitu..

nadiah ;; said...

nice. :)

eencyweency said...

job well done dear :)