Thursday, 14 July 2011

Roasted Chicken ala Wawa

Okay what a bad name for a roasted chicken recipe. The name wawa matches a legendary skyscraper or a 1000 cc maserati or something :P

So this recipe here is dedicated to hottie wani zati for her undying concern of my blog and being me, weak, fragile, vulnerable and easily open to any hint of care, I decided to re-blog. Owh and that is just the imaginary part of me using my ultimate mind power to exaggerate a story that is in reality just a boring one *sigh*. The real story was she posted "what's ur blog?" on my facebook wall T_T

3 inches of Ginger, ginger and ginger!
2 cloves of Garlic
3 tbs Soy Sauce preferably shrimp fan brand *cap kipas udang hahaha hahaha erk*
3 tbs oyster sauce
3 tbs honey
black pepper and salt to taste oh and oregano too and rosemary if u happen to have it in ur ktchen or any other spices that u think will look sexy on roasted chicken

sheeshh!a whole naked chicken!*How can I forgot chicken when I'm going to roast a chicken?haha!*

Mix well *I use the traditional mortar but I wish I have a food processor :'(* and marinate the chicken for an hour. Then roast at 180 c for another hour.

Tips + tricks:

Make sure the chicken is not too big. If it's too big cut them in half. Don't cut them in pieces no matter what happens!(or else u will be left with a very 'roasted' chicken) Make sure u don't cut all the fat, the more, the juicier!What else? Okay that's all for today. Enjoy cooking everyone! Don't forget to mention the name when u serve it~ and what is the name again??? Roasted Chicken ala Wawa~

P/s: My mom said pour every drop of the marinate onto the chicken! * woooowww..I already got a stalker there man..wuhuu*


wanizati said...

haha ! i loikkee ! :D ohh wawaaa

eencyweency said...

haha!thank u wani :)

nadiah ;; said...

wawa.. recipe buttered rice plz. hehe :D n that potato salad.

eencyweency said...