Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Black Forrest

I didn't realise the major difference between cooking chocolate and eating chocolate until I made these:

Fyi, no one in the house is really fond of eating Black Forrest Chocolate. I personally prefer milk chocolate over Black Forrest and don't start with chocolate containing nuts, we'd go nuts over nuts! But not Black Forrest, thank you. We'll eat them nonetheless but very slowly. Somehow there were 2 and 1/2 bars in the fridge few weeks ago and I was wondering where did they come from. The chocolate is still there for weeks, (still in the 2 1/2 condition) untouched. So, I decided to bake something out of it. For those who are wondering why do we have to use cooking chocolate in baking, check this out: *Cooking Choc vs Eating Choc*

1.By using cooking chocolate, I got a very fudgy batter which resulted in fudgy brownies. But by using eating chocolate I got a runny batter which makes me spoon in more flour and later it turned into a sodden brownie. I know, brownies should be dense and heavy but when it is almost hard, u know it's not a good brownie.

2.Same goes with frosting. To my disappointment, the frosting was not fudgy at all. Should've just stick to the usual ganache recipe :(

Lesson: There's a reason why cooking chocolate is created!


Nava.K said...

Like you, I had to learn the difference between eating and cooking choc. However, I must say I did try the eating choc for a little baking and it did turn out not too bad.

I am just basic in baking so my knowledge is not in depth yet but these pics you have shared looks good and I can't stop admiring them.

eencyweency said...

Maybe I was expecting a tad too much from eating choc.hehe.Thank you Nava! I am now learning how to photograph food nicely than before and such words just makes the effort worth it. Thank u again :)

Nadiah Mohamad said...

wawa.. nk resipi browniessss.. nk habiskan cooking choc. huuuu

eencyweency said...

eh cop!!!aku g tutup fb!!