Monday, 26 March 2012

The final lap

I made these few weeks ago *or a month or so for the cupcake*. The cupcake would be the first recipe I tried from Rose's Heavenly Cake. And the result was remarkable! I followed the recipe word by word and the cupcake rose beautifully! And hands down for the best buttercream I've ever tasted! It tasted exactly like creme brulee and whatsmore to love is that the texture is silky and porcelain smooth. It doesn't stated at all in the book that the buttercream will turn out tasting like creme brulee tho. I told my lil sister the frosting is creme brulee frosting and she bought it! Lol! I'll post the recipe once I'm free. And u know who else loves the frosting? Look: 

On another note, despite by the 'busy-ness' of it all, I still haven't sent my resume to any firms for chambering T_T


hidayah yaya said...

temptingnya nak tau resipi frosting rasa creme brulee!+++ love the roses cuppies and angry birddddd!comel!:D wah powernyeeee ley tempah cupcake roses from u la masa betunang nanti :p *bila la aku nak tunang :p*

eencyweency said...

ala xyah tggu tunang..nnt kalo jumpe2 kebetulan buat blh je cop2 adakah ini hint???ehem2..amin2 semoga dipermudahkan dan dipercepatkan!xsabar nk tgk cik yaya kite bertunang!

aCu said...

wawa, angry birg tu sangat comel! bukak la kedai wa. hee.