Tuesday, 27 March 2012

chewy and chocolaty brownies

Inspired by my bil's uncle scrumptious chewy, chocolaty, fudgy and sinful brownies *seriously, it's that good!*,  I tried making one few months back. However mine was not as good as the bil's uncle's. It was too sweet and unfortunately the nuts used was stale that it somehow disturbs the good chocolaty taste of the Brownie. *There you go tip #1* But despite by the above unsatisfactory it was finished within one day by my mom, my lil sis, my lil brother and of course, yours truly.

The second attempt was Brownies using Cadbury Black Forrest Chocolate and the result was even worst! Pathetically, I insisted on using the same stale nuts so u can guess how the rest of the story goes. And from that I learnt that there is always reason behind the creation of everything including eating choc and cooking choc.

Nevertheless, I'm still sharing the recipe of my first brownies attempt. If it wasn't too sweet and the nuts are okay I guess it would've turn out fine with a chewy texture and chocolaty taste. And by the way, the recipe is specially dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Neda. She's in her mid semester break and if she does write a review on the recipe I will re-post it here :)