Friday, 3 February 2012

Individual Shepherd's pie ala wawa~

Have you gus notice the changes in my blog especially the header? Thanks a bunch to my dearest Yus for make up-ing this blog :)

Have you ever tasted shepherd's pie from secret recipe? It's awesome! Being an outdated person I am, it took me until just recently to discover the shepherd's pie! lol. My mom is the one ordering it and afterwards she asked me to make shepherd's pie with crust the next time I'm making Shepherd's pie ><". Usually I make shepherd's pie without the pie. And I reckon that that's the way it should be made right? Despite by the name pie. *Please answer: yes, everyone make shepherd's pie without pie. U're not weird.*

So, this pie may not taste exactly like the one u have in SR but it has pie crust! :D The one in SR is delichio mucho! It tasted of mutton and I loveeeeee mutton! Duh, the name is shepherd's pie! Of course it is made of the sheep the shepherd's keep! So, there you go, don't expect it to taste exactly like SR's ya?

Here goes the recipe:

Pie crust

Mashed potatoes (about 3 potatoes):
3 tbs Butter
1 egg
-boil the potatoes until it soften, peel off the skin, mashed it with butter. When it has cool down, mash it again this time, add in egg so that the mashed potatoes join when you bake it later.

5 tbs olive oil
1 onion diced
2 cloves of garlic
1 bay leaf
1/2 tsp rosemary
1 tsp paprika
2 sticks of celery
cubed beef (about one bowl) + beef stock from boiling the beef
1 tbs corn starch mix with water (to thicken the filling)

So first you, caramelised the onion and garlic into the hot oil until it is golden brown and soft. Then you put in the spices followed by the celery. Make sure the celery is soft. If it dries up and it still doesn't soften, put in some beef stock and simmer it. Put in the beef and the beef stock and taste. Add more pepper or salt if necessary. Put in corn starch and let it boil and thickens and you're ready for the next step!
Put in the filling onto the pie crust and pipe the mashed potatoes
Bake it in a 180 degrees Celsius preheated oven for about 20 minutes.



kipas koyak said...

shepherd??haha..tertarik dgn namanya sebab tengah maraton grey's anatomy

nn said...

banner baru ea? cantik! btw, shepherd's pie favourite! pernah makan dekat starbucks tapi. sedap juga :)

kak ina kl said...

dah lama tak buat shepherd's pie ni..oo kamu letak roti dulu ek baru letak inti..good idea

eencyweency said...

Cah:mcdreamy?hehehe..lame x tgk cte tu..skrg tgk the middle ngn how i met ur mother
Naima:starbucks pn ade shepherds pie ea?blh la try nnt :)
Aunty ina: letak pai kat bwh..tiru secret recipe konon2nye..hehe