Friday, 24 February 2012

Pus on tonsils

 I know, gross! But after coming back from the clinic, I opened up my mouth widely in front of the mirror and saw my tonsils are doing perfectly fine the only difference is that it looks a bit more red than usual. It doesn't even look like the one I googled. And as I have expected, the doctor said, all the fever, flu and cough resulted from the cut on the tonsils and now it becomes pus T_T

Talking about which, I shouldn't have bake carrot cupcake yesterday T_T

My mom already warn me she dislikes carrot cupcake for being oily. And yesterday when I'm mixing the batter, I put two and a half cup oil. We already contemplated oily cupcakes coming its way out of the oven but to our surprise, the oil miraculously gone despite by the oily batter.

Then today we were talking about how carrot cake uses plenty of oil perhaps to soften the carrots. While doing that, I open the recipe back and guess what?

one and a half cup oil *too embarrassed to type it in numbers*


Nadiah Mohamad said...

hahaha a cup of extra oil?

eencyweency said...

Yup :-( kalo sugar ke xpela jugak kan..uhuk2