Monday, 6 February 2012

Maqlubah Rice

Maqlubah rice is from Jordan and it means upside down. The good thing about making Maqlubah Rice is that it doesn't require additional "lauk" to go with. It has all u need from protein * from the chicken* and vitamin *from the fried veggies*. However, as I think the process will result in the lackness of taste of the chicken, I eliminate the chicken part.

So now, it's time for ala Wawa again! :P I cannot simply follow the Maqlubah 101 probably because I just cannot cook it as good as a Jordanian would have done it or another selfish reason is perhaps because I am too fond of my mom "Masak lemak daging salai dengan belimbing" so I rather couple the rice with that. :P

By the way, syukran jazilan to my dearest lil sister for introducing the Maqlubah rice to us and much apology because I ruin the original version of it :"( *Warning: This was made last week when she is still here, miss u, Iyah!*

 Basically, here are all the spices u need. It's like making curry. U can easily reap off the packet or add more spices or better yet make ur own curry! We chose the second option!
 So here are some of the ingredient. The preparation includes frying potatoes, brinjal and cauliflower

1. Heat about 3/4 cup of ghee or in my our case, we're using just butter because ghee is exxy T_T Sautee 4 diced shallots and 3 cloves of diced garlic. *Basic menumis*. Then add some salt, the Maqlubah spices and in our case we add 1/2 tsp of cumin powder and 1 tsp coriander powder and an Indonesian Bay Leaf *bought months ago and haven't got the chance to use it*.
2. Put in the washed rice and everything you had fried and add water.
3. Let the water simmer and cover it.
4.At this point, put a flat pan at the bottom. *This is a tip given by our maid long ago. Without her we wouldn't have known how to cook rice without the rice cooker..hehe*
5. Medium heat!
6. Check if your rice is ready. If it is still uncook, add more water and cover it back. Check regularly, don't let it dry too much before adding the water.

Without prejudice to the look of it, the taste is awesome! A fusion of soury taste combine with a mild and soft rice and everything nice! *sounds rhetoric I know T_T*


Nava.K said...

Very nice to be served as one complete meal for the day and am going to try out soon. Sometimes I don't have the time to cook a few types of dishes and this recipe will be perfect during that time.

Anonymous said...

aku tried benda ni lepas belajar dengan jordanian di usm. selamat ada terung dan kentang yang cover bontot periuk....kalau tak hangit semua nasi..heheheh.

mula2 pengalaman menangkop periuk tuh sedih gila sebab semua hangit, tapi bila korek kentang, terung....alhamdulillah.....nasi, ayam semua boleh makan lagi. weee

eencyweency said...

Nava: Be sure to try the original version then! :)
Darus:Hahaha!tu la hikmah masak nasi maqlubah kan..
Boleh la gune la tips kat ats tu..kalau masak nasi gune periuk, alas dengan flat pan ble air die dah berkurang tapi nasi belum masak..dlm 5-10 minit lepas tu kot..confirm nasi x hangit punye..tapi sekarang mesti dah pro kan sbb siap org Jordan mai ajar direct!

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Me too.. don't know how to cook w/o rice cooker. So, I rely in the microwave.
BTW, I really don't own a rice cooker, that is for now.

eencyweency said...

Microwave? I should really learn this from u..I heard of people cook rice with microwave but never thought of making it myself. Now that u mention it I must try it.