Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Big Project

Remember the big project I mention in this post? Well, here it is:
From the front
From the back
This is for my lil sister's birthday who will be sitting for her SPM this year. Since she has been working really hard, I guess she deserves a surprise cake made by my other lil sister (the free sample one) and yours truly :)
By the way the one writing "gud luck" is the birthday girl herself. It's the thought that counts, huh? :P
The ink is edible don't freak out
How efficient are we? heheh..
So, these are the steps in putting the cake together:
1. Bake a cake, crumb coat it. In case you are using layered cake like mine, frost in between so they will stick together.
2. Measure the cake roughly.
3. On a clean surface, sprinkle generous amount of corn starch and start rolling. roll a bit, lift the fondant, sprinkle some corn starch underneath and turn it 180 degrees, and roll it again. Repeat the steps until it expanded to the measurement wanted.
4. If, the fondant is not enough, add some at the centre and repeat the rolling steps.
5. Since my cake is small, I just lift up the fondant and cover the cake but if u have a big cake, roll the fondant over the rolling pin first or else it will tear.
6. Other shapes and figures are made by using ur own imagination and creativity. We added some figures just to finish the leftover fondant by the way ;)


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Ak bru j buang tpung jgung yg blum dbuka klmrin. Xpired thun brp ntah. Huhuh

eencyweency said...

Haha..mentg2 la tepung jagung jarang aku bese gok gitu..kdg x expired lg tp nmpk lain mcm was2 jgk..terus buang

Asyraf said...

ni eatable ke....bapak ganas

eencyweency said...

pink habes mcm ni ko kate ganas :"( mesti la boleh..plastesin je pon :P