Saturday, 19 November 2011

UKM Legal Aid Clinic

You sure know what clinic is. A place u go when u catch a flu, sore throat or u just doesn't feel so good. The doctor usually prescribe some medicine, give some advice you can rely on or most of the time, reassurance that everything will all be good :)

Now, what if u have issues regarding to your property? your family? your rights? That will surely leave you with sleepless nights isn't it? You will surely not be feeling so good but for such cases, you cannot simply go to the doctor and hope for prescription.

So, here's a solution!

Come to UKM Legal Aid Clinic, opening this monday (21/11/2011)
Opening hours: 10am-4pm (Monday-Friday)
10am-can't remember (Saturday)
Venue: 3rd Floor Unikeb, UKM (outside UKM).

Maybe you had recently purchase something that is not according to what u have ordered and wondering whether u have any right under the law to sue or you're wondering if you could do something about the pollution a nearby factory has constantly been doing.

What ever problems you have that requires legal advice, come and see us!

Good news, it's open for all! (For now)

We were all thrilled when seeing the new clinic yesterday. It was like moving to a new house! The furniture was all big and new and we just can't wait to be on duty!

Excuse me for being so excited T_T

Credit: pictures are from a friend's facebook

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