Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Improvised banana walnut cupcake

By the time I'm typing this, the last batch of banana walnut cupcake is halfway cooking. You know, it's not easy to bumped into good pisang emas so whenever I found one I will just grab it without even thinking twice! So here's some pictures of..hurmm... whatever left to be captured heh:

What I did for improvement is replacing the white sugar with brown sugar and I tell you what, the result was amazing!

Here's the recipe.

While I was baking this I remembered a friend who had been requesting this cupcake but I cannot seem to fulfill it because I was so busy at that moment I just couldn't find time to go and search for bananas let alone bake! Sorry Izan! She is a good friend of mine studying in South Jakarta and I went to visit her for the second time empty handed!Can you believe that?! Good thing she doesn't kick me out of the house :p


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Mne ad empty. Mu bwk pad kn. He3

Nava Krishnan said...

Lovely cupcakes and its so tempting.

FiSh said...

nice one :) share more recipes!

izan said...

isk isk..
nad, pad mu baru gune pantyliner.

Jαnnαhツ said...

wahwah. bakal hubby wawa beruntung sebab wawa nie pandai and rajin masak.

eencyweency said...

nad:haah!aku lupe..hehe
tq nava and fish :)
jannah:mende sbb wase nk mkn..kalu x, x rajen pn..muahaha

izan said...

nok goookkkk

eencyweency said...

doa laaa jupe pisang emas mu mari ekgi!!kat giant mmg xdop jual pisang emas :"(

izan said...

bile au nk mari pulok..
kedok cari pisang mas jakarta bwk g umh mu.

eencyweency said... jgn bwk byk ngat kekgi kene kastam..hehe