Friday, 4 November 2011


Woah this is something very rare to me. Posting for breakfast?

But but today is absolutely different! I woke up early wash my face, brush my teeth and just before I wanted to take a shower, I decided to google "renew passport Malaysia" and that is when I decided not to take a shower but put on some make up and shoot some passport photo instead..heheh..

The thing is, I have been facing some passport issue recently when I went to Jakarta. It's not an issue for anyone else I suppose. It's a big issue for only Miss I-just-couldn't-bother-reading-the-whole-passport-it's-not-fun-and-I-couldn't-care-less. Until, I was stopped at Sukarno Hatta Airport because my passport is suppose to be renewed!

Can you imagine that? Being alone at the airport for the very first time in your life and ur stopped by a cute looking officer and only to be told that he is sorry but he can't allow me to enter Jakarta! Just because he wants me to stay put and be there with him! *sorry..too much romantic airport scene hehe* Reality is: WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????? He then showed me a phrase that stated that the passport is not usable if it is expiring in 6 months! (yeah it's at the very last page where no one bothers to read) I mean I never knew that!

Then I tried tricking this officer with my terrible math skill. I said "well you see, that is when you start counting it from this month when you are suppose to count it from this month *with a very a confident face* Guess what? he laughed! Gosh that is so rude! Laughing at my math skill is one thing, laughing so hard until his friends came over is the other thing. Note: it's friends not A friend.

Then I've got no choice but to surrender. I said I never did knew about the 6 months expiry *with puppy eyes* Then he made few calls and asked some questions. And he said, okay, only this time and only this time he will let me in. Next time he said renew the passport!!! And just when I entered the airport I feel like kissing the floor! So, today, before I go to Jakarta again this Wednesday *always the last minute one la this mak cik* I decided to go to the Immigration Office to renew my long over due passport but I was stopped when I learned that we can renew it online! Don't you just love technology! <3 <3 <3

That's all about my very long journey of passport renewing. Still with the make up on, I remembered the ripe bananas a neighbour had given us. So, I decided to go down stairs and make a little dessert for breakfast.

Cekodok pisang

3/4 c flour
8 ripe bananas
a pinch of salt

1. Mix all the ingredients using your hand. Knead if you like. The batter will be more airy the more you knead. But you seriously don't have to knead it up until 1/2 hour or you can just bake a pizza for breakfast instead ><"

2. Put about 1 1/2 c of oil into a wok. And once the oil is hot, put in 1/2 tbs batter.

3. Using medium heat, turn the cekodok to the other side until both sides turns golden brown.

4. Lift the cekodok and place it on to the plate.

There you are cekodok ready to be eaten!

P/s: You see, I haven't bathe when I'm mixing this cekodok using my bare hand. So, I suppose that should do the trick for a real tasteful cekodok, huh?

Actually, this is how all the cekodok looks like..hehehe..


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

enjoy this with a cup of Kopi, must be very nice.

eencyweency said...

yup that would be really really nice :)

Nava.K said...

Cekodok are always the fav of Malaysians, esp those that riped and its a great way of making a dessert from it.

eencyweency said...

But it is very hard to get bananas these days. Have to learn to plant them myself one day!

strawberi said...

lahai ciannya..mmg kena make sure pasport ade lagi tempoh 6 bulan b4 travel..kalo ngan travel agent..dorg akan make sure..7 bulan be4 expired..hehe..takpe..pengajran..kenaigt

eencyweency said...

ni g sorg2 kak beri..xde org nk tlg remind kan..uhuk2..

Jαnnαhツ said...

sedaap nampak cekodok wawa.. dahlah lapar nie... haduyaiii!