Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Kindori Ice Cream,Pasta Zanmai & New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

Despite by piles of assignment, I agreed to follow these two ladies to Sunway Pyramid. The most significant shopping was only on face mask which is RM3! At first we decided to eat at Sushi Zanmai but when we asked the receptionist, here is how he replied:

"Can you see Body Shop over there?(which is above and opposite from where we were standing) You go straightttttt until you see Parkson. Enter Parkson until you reach outside, go up one level"

Yeah my legs were already wobbly the minute I heard the direction. So, we ended up eating at Pasta Zanmai which is two floors above (yeah the escalator is really near us)

These are the mini sets that cost us RM28 each (include tax, green tea etc)

Mine is the first one. I know mine was the first to be captured but I ate more than half already because my pasta isn't soupy so it took me only few slurps to finish. *Okay okay, I was a weee bit excited at the moment because the pasta tasted good~ In fact, all the dishes taste good. Oh and that's the good thing about pasta zanmai, they offer you all this pasta that has really good japanese flavors in it :) *Say gooodddddd~*

The green tea is served in a very small pot which will make you raise your hand quite oftenly for refill :"(

And this is not dessert *sad look at my bloated tummy* The ice cream is velvety but the flavor and sweetness are lacking. As I was eating, my friend said she had read at the board, "no sugar added, natural flavor blablabla" Okayyyy...*down*

So, we ended up having dessert at New Zealand Natural. Here the more scoop you add, the cheaper the price for the next scoop gets. *Or is it normal for ice cream?* The third scoop would be RM3. Flavors that I favour: Spotty dog & White Chocolate Raspeberry!

Last but not least, I hope you don't mine me doing food review here. Do tell me if you get annoyed with all these reviews and what you want is just recipe, recipe and recipe!!! Tq :)


nn said...

best jugak weyh kalau kau selit food review sekali sekala. bagi aku lah kan.

btw, pasta zanmai tu menarik je. dia memang satu company dengan sushi zanmai ea?

eencyweency said...

Yela kot tgk brand lebih kurang same..interior pn same..pokonya, dua2 best!

Nava.K said...

I have not tried this place through have seen it at Empire Subang, must try for me once the shopping mall re-opens soon.

The food looks like a worth the try.

eencyweency said...

One thing for sure it's not your ordinary pasta..the fusion concept is already something :)