Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Chocolate Ganache without Cooking Chocolate

Prior to Eid-ul-Adha, I made steam chocolate cake (again) for a neighbour. So this time I managed to capture the overflowing ganache which can make me myself drool everytime I see it!

So here's the very easy recipe:

1/2 c cocoa powder (I use Van Houten and yes, the quality of the cocoa powder plays a big role for the taste and the smell of the ganache)
1/2 c hot water
1/2 c condensed milk (I use half can)
1/2 c oil (I use Cap Buruh)

Mix everything until well-mixed and put in a pot or pan or whichever that fits on a slow heat until it thickens and shine.

I can assure you that you can never go wrong with this ganache and the only tip I can give u is: use a good quality chocolate! When handling chocolate, the better quality the better result that's it. very simple. A lot of my friends have tried it and it turned out goooddd :)

Btw, I took this recipe from the net long ago before I even started blogging (about food). So, my million thanks goes to the owner of the recipe. I'm sorry I forgot to jolt down your name on the recipe! :(


mieoney said...

ayoo wawa tempting sgt kek coklat tu...huhu bikin terliur jer pagi2 hari nie...nak baking kena tgu weekend..wahai hati bertabahlah.. :p

Sidratul Muntaha said...

totally agree
qulaity choc tu yg penting
one main key also to be supervise..
type of cooking oil tu
pernh juga corn oil..
mmg cantik juga.
then klu guna olive oil pun sama juga
tapi resepi paling murah n totally berkilat tu aderlah choc chip dgn whipp cream..

Jαnnαhツ said...

satu frasa yang tersembul saat melihat kek choco kamu; amylase-drooling.

wow, sedap oh! saya ada buat kek gak semalam, tapi tak berapa nak menjadi. resepinye cakap moist choc, yg dapat nye tak moist pun. rase2 kenapa ye?

eencyweency said...

Mieoney:wah mesti meriah je dgn dessert time weekend..nk join blh?hehe
Sidratul muntaha:oh xpnah cbe gne corn oil n olive oil utk buat ganache ni..tq suggestion next time blh try
Jannah:word br!byk btol blaja vocab dgn jannah ni..moist choc ni sllnye kalo nk btol2 moist kene gne resepi yg mmg btol2 gne chocolate..or mayb jgn bakar lame sgt..hrp dpt mbantu

cik puan apel said...


ellis said...

Wao, yummy!