Thursday, 29 December 2011

Quick Dinner Rolls

I usually bought this at Giant for less than 5 ringgit but when I browse through the net, I found out that u can make it in less than 2ringgit! but came to think of it, it's not about the price that I'm concern about when I'm making something. It's all about learning new skill and technique and let say by the end of the day it doesn't come out well, you still gain the experience and you become more grateful for what ever food people serve you! :D

So, I did a lil research on how to make quick dinner rolls but man, all the recipes for me is a bit deceiving. *a bit,huh?* no, they were all lying! Quick dinner rolls are not that quick to make! They should call it if-you-have-all-the-time-in-the-world-please-make-these-dinner-rolls instead! It's the same with making other bread. The yeast needs to be activated and then come the kneading part which will burn 100calories around the arm and you have to wait till the dough rise bla bla bla

But for the sake of trying, I am still on with my mission to try this so called quick dinner rolls. So I bought Mauripan instant yeast and inside they have about six recipes and one of them is raisin bread. I read through the recipe and to my surprise, it doesn't require yeast-activation! *now I know why it is called instant*

Anyhow, these are some tips on how to make "quick" dinner rolls:
1. Make it on a sunny day. It will rise faster. I did it on a cloudy day *look at the dough* it doesn't even double up the size! But I'm not interested in waiting. So I just continue :P
2. Use evaporated milk instead of fresh milk or plain water. It will taste creamier!
3. Don't put too much sugar if you're using evaporated milk.
4. Don't worry about the dough size. It will taste of bread after all..hehe..
5. And this one will be a guarantee or motivation *what ever you call it* home-made bread is always better than the store bought ones! The hard work just pays off right after you see the buns finishes in less than 5 minutes!*if you are not thinking of keeping it for dinner* or else, you will end up saying "FOR ALL THE HOURS I SPENT?!* :P

P/s: my rosette skill suck! T_T


ibuhebat said...

lama menyepi? :) rindu nak tgk masakan wawa ;)

eencyweency said...

terima kasih ibuhebat! terharunye ibuhebat ckp cemtu..ade jugak yg sudi merindu :"(

aCu said...

wawa, nnti buat resepi cream puff :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, I can read a new post here.

eencyweency said...

cika, kat sini

anon: n i think the next finally will come again after my finals..hehe

aCu said...

okay! thanx wawa.

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