Monday, 17 October 2011

Mini Roti Puri filled with Avocado Custard on top of Creme Patissiere and top with Chocolate Ganache

And that would be my dish for the Mystery Box Challenge. And the mystery ingredient is two Avocados. I cannot describe the avocados whether it is ripe or juicy or fresh because I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT AVOCADOS except for the fact that I dislike the taste of it because it happens to taste soo greeny and leafy..eyew! In fact, I believe all the participants was clueless. Imagine if u were to be given two avocados, what would you do?

Nevertheless, we still got no choice, with a very limited range of ingredients and utensils, all 10 participants created 10 very beautiful dishes. Sorry, all 9 participants created 9 salivating dishes. Mine was too "artistic" I would say :P

So today I'm going to write about how I made it. And with the comfort of your own kitchen and your own creativity I believe you can do better than me!

1. Cut the avocados into half and pull out the seed.

2. Spoon out the avocados and put into blender it with milk and sugar. Blend well until it forms a
paste (you don't want it to be too runny or else you will have a hard time to pipe it later)

For roti puri, put flour in a bowl and make a hole in the centre. Put in a lil at a time while your hands are mixing the ingredients until the dough doesn't stick to the bowl. Put in a tablespoon of oil. At this stage you will see that the dough is very dry and you will be so tempted to add in more water. But DON'T! Trust me, you want the dough to be very dry or else it won't rise. *Maybe the moisture will make the dough heavier I guess* Then leave the dough for as long as u can
I was introduced to creme patissiere by the cook book my aunt gave me, "Larousse Dessert". I will blog about it in detail later..
So for the creme patissiere, heat about a cup of milk * don't let it boil* then I cracked three eggs and separated the yolks and whites. Take the yolks and put in some sugar and whisk. Put in flour about 1-2 tbs and whisk until it turned paler. Put about 2 tbs of the milk from the pan into the yolks and quickly whisk. Put another 3/4 of the milk and whisk vigorously. Then put the mixture into the leftover milk into the pan while still whisking vigorously. Don't let it curdle. Supposedly it will be thick but I wouldn't dare waiting because I'm afraid it will curdle so I settled with a custard sauce instead..hehehe..To avoid the surface from forming an annoying skin, put some sugar on top or cover with plastic.

Last step is to cook roti puri. For this, you have to use minimum one small bottle of oil and a deep pan *supposedly* for roti puri, the deeper, the better. Than ur suppose to roll the dough using rolling pin but I used my hands and pressed it as evenly as possible. You don't want a very thin dough or else it won't rise and it will turn into biscuit and you don't want it to be too thick or else the inside will not cook. So to know the right size is to practise and practise and practise until u know how thick the dough takes to rise. Same goes to the oil. If it is too hot, it won't rise and if it is not hot enough it won't rise. So, what should we do? Again, practise. *The same with popia skin*


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Congratulations. Your Avacado creation is impressive too! Follow you..

Jabberholic said...

Hats off to you! Impressive betul your idea of making roti puri wt cream patissierre. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I gotta try this one day.

eencyweency said...

Sonia: tq :)
Jabberholic: You are most welcome :) I reckon that it will go well with fresh fruits like kiwi,strawberry etc and also durian!*tho I'm not a big fan of durian* hehe..

Jαnnαhツ said...

wah, looks delicious la wawa. hebak wawa masok. hebak!

cikpia said...

wow!!! something for a change... kena try ni!! he he

eencyweency said...

sila2..hehe..terima kasih singgah blog :)