Sunday, 2 October 2011

the finalist for blogger masterchef

This is only half the list, another five will be out next week:

Her name was announced first. Kak Mimi was the one sitting next to me and the first one whom I chatted with and when the announcement was made, she was at that moment still sitting besides me. It is like the domino effect! Hehe..good to know you kak mimi!

He's a Uitm student, also twenty two of age and the third child in a family *what a similarity!* My mom said his chicken is sooo good she forces me to ask him for the recipe!

If there's an award for the most happening and outstanding contestant, I would choose him because he simply looks so happy!

Hoho this one. She's the only blogger that can make the most perfect poached eggs! Enough said.


aCu said...

wawa, congrats! seriously, mula2 tau psl yg blogger masfterchef ni, the first person yg terfikir is YOU. so, good luck. do your very best :)

eencyweency said...

iskk terharunye!!!nmpk sgt aku sll berangan kan..hahaha..tq so much cika!!!doakan aku spy dpt buat dish dgn lengkap jd la..cuak!!

Zack Zachoes said...

waah, baru tahu tadi. fuyooo, tahniah la wawa, dasattttnyeee :D hehehe.. all the best k? ^_^

eencyweency said...

tq so much kak zack!!nervous la..kalo kak zack masuk mesti dpt jgk!kak zack dh la lg terer bab2 masak ni