Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Blogger Masterchef Finale

It will be held at SACC Mall, Shah Alam people! Ok I'm super nervous right now! What do you think the test will be? Will it be main dish? dessert?

Well this is just Blogger Masterchef and I am already too anxious. What do you think Masterchef Malaysia participants are feeling right now? I bet all they can think of is food, food, food and food by now *but in a nightmare way not the usual all-smiley and drooling way*

So, don't forget to tune in Channel 104 (Astro Ria) for Masterchef Malaysia this coming 22nd October!

Oh, and before that, please please please come to SACC Mall, Shah Alam this Saturday for Blogger Masterchef Finale! :D


Zana Adieyza said...

congrats! gud luck!

Anonymous said...

good luck ya...kali ni be prepared, jangan ilangkan towel :)

eencyweency said...

tq zana adieyza!!! :D

darus interferon: what an advice, huh? haha..tq :)

aCu said...

gud luck wawa. try ur very best! ;)

eencyweency said...

tq so much cika!!!kalo free dtg la sacc mall!!!