Thursday, 27 October 2011

12 hours buffet @ Atrium Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

I bought two milkadeal vouchers few months ago and only last Sunday I had the time to redeem it.

I should say, it was worth the RM55! With all the variety of food from local cuisine to western dish and the most significant that you can't get anywhere else, multiple entries! Yup you can have breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea-time, dinner and supper with just RM55!

The chicken lasagna, crispy fried red mullet and potatoes are divine! This is by far, the best chicken lasagna I've ever tasted!

This is how I ate the smoked salmon. I usually pay for belas-belas ringgit for a regular smoked salmon sandwich which sometimes doesn't taste that good. But this time I can eat a whole lot of it and it tasted really delicious!

And this is the most delicious bread & butter pudding with vanilla sauce I have ever eaten!

Yup, they offer a lot kind of seafood as well

This is spinach pie something. I didn't take it tho. Too much greenies :P

And this would be my first time tasting oyster! @La Marche it would cost you RM9 a piece but here you can eat them as much as u want!

For dessert I had fruits (no picture) and ice cream!

And I finished the endless food consumption with a cup of tea. I know, I know, tea is bad for digestion but that is the main reason why I took it after dinner! You see, when it's bad for digestion, all the food I've eaten earlier will stay longer in my tummy :P

Last but not least, what fruit is this?

That's all! Enjoy your day people!!!


Si Cipol said...

waaaa! mcm bestja! blah mana ni? ari 2 kmi mkn di hartz chicken buffet yang dbwh mcm nda brp berbaloi ja..huhu

eencyweency said...

best!best! :) kalo d chicken hartz western jak kan?kalo di sini mknn arab pn ada, melayu pn ada, cina pn ada..huhu..atrium cafe ni d sunway pyramid jgk on the way pgi sunway resort tu..

Si Cipol said... kna pegi dr pagi la 2 kn bru puas masuk berkali2 smp mlm..hahaha..pnya best..huhu..chicken hartz 2 x best la..skjp ja muak sbb ayam ja byk..sejuk lagi 2 suda..menyesal2..huhu..

malangnya jauh btul ba 2 sunway pyramid..ntah bla lg mo pegi ne..hahaha

eencyweency said...

Ktm kan ada..ko d mana skrg?(aku rasa cm pernah tanya jak soalan ni tp aku lupa..sorry2)

Si Cipol said...

ktm ad ka smp sna trus? huhu..nda pla ak taw;p..ak d sremban la..hohoho

myb thn dpn kli bru kmi tpegi 2 sunway piramid..ujung2 sem ni msing2 kering sda..hajat mo menyerang ice skating bramai2 pn blum ksmpaian lg..hahaha

eencyweency said...

Smpi subang trus ko jalan kaki la bah..jgn ambil bas mini yg 50sen tu rr..haha..ko d seremban?mktb perguruan raja melewar ka?

Si Cipol said...

dkt ja ka 2 jln kaki? hoho..nti la thun dpn kmi try..wakaka..ya lo..sana la..4 tahun suda..huhu

eencyweency said...

La dekat jak pun..aku d nilai skrg..bljr d ukm (ndak tanya pn)

Si Cipol said...

ya ka..ala dkt ja rpaY..hoho

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih untuk blog yang menarik

eencyweency said...

sama-sama..terima kasih sudi singgah n komen :)

Mohammad Majduddin said...

is it the cafe still available now?? i cannot find the latest about it.. all was last year..

eencyweency said...

looking at the website, it seems like they stop the 24hours buffet and serve only normal breakfast, lunch & dinner buffet.

here's the web site: