Sunday, 8 April 2012

Kimbap ala Asyrani~

I am so blessed with many friends who knows how to cook and were never stingy with their recipes and tips. Everytime meeting these friends, unplanned dish will be made. Recently, Asyrani and me were talking about kimbap and I told her how I was sooooo excited about making one by myself after making it with Izan. I even bought a nice kimbap mat and seaweed right after Izan left. Sadly, those things sat nice and pretty on the shelf, untouched. Lol!

Good thing Asyrani came! We spontaneously made one while waiting for the choc cheese to be ready. As I told u, my friends are very good cook, Asyrani taught me how to make the egg nicely. One thing about Asyrani is that she just cannot make anything without perfection! She also told me a secret ingredient - adding mayonnaise.

And on that day itself we found out that the seaweed I bought is super delicious. All the flavors in the kimbap just pops out! The rice tasted great with the seasoned seaweed. Now I know that in order to make good kimbap u need really good seaweed!

Here's how Asyrani made the egg stripes:

Just pour half of the whisk eggs (she uses 2 eggs)

start rolling it

Put aside and add the remaining egg

start rolling it again

there u have it, one nice egg roll :)

cut it in four I guess

Then the stripes will be thick
 We were only left with 3 kimbaps after we're done because we kept eating it right after it is chopped!Haha!

Kimbap ala Asyrani:

Seasoned rice
Seasoned seaweed
Egg stripes

The only disadvantage of using this delicious seaweed is that it is very chewy *is it the correct term?* that it is very hard to cut and it doesn't stick well *as u can see above*


[wani_mn] said...

ok, nak try buatttt~!!!!!! nice sharing. simple rupanya nak buat.

eencyweency said...

Yup yup yup..try la :)

Hawa said...

Dear...salam pknalan..aritu pnah buat...tapi susah nak ptg..nak tanye awk guna beras ape ek

eencyweency said...

Hi Hawa,salam perkenalan jgk..guna beras Jasmin import..nk potong tu mmg susah kene gune pisau btol2 tajam yg kali ni pn ssh nk potong sbb seaweed tu kenyal sgt..