Sunday, 15 April 2012

Caramel Ganache

meet the blue container again ><"
The cupcake recipe is not from the book. Only the Ganache is from the book.
I'm heading back to school this evening :"( Only two months to go until the finishing line. I hope everything will run smoothly. Yup, RUN! *I just can't wait to finish school* But at the same time I wanted to savour each and every moment before we were all going apart succumbing to working life and marriage and kids and and T_T

I am trapped in a serious love hate relationship here am I?

By the way, I found this very beautiful piece in the Quran just now and I just can't help but to share it with you guys. This is a lil something I got from The Twins of Faith last year specifically from Wardina.She said every time she finds an Ayah that intrigues her, she will jolt it down and try to memorise it. Great tip!