Friday, 6 April 2012

The birthday project

I've seen lots of beautiful cupcake bouquets on the net and I was inspired to make one too. But one thing about bouquet is u can never make one for yourself. It's like buying yourself a bouquet of red roses. No offense but who on earth does that? 

 So, recently on 1st April, I thought of making one for a friend who shared the same birth date as mine.

I made Devil's Food Cake for the cupcake. I found the recipe on the net and the recipe requires mayonnaise. It was so peculiar that I just have to give it a try! I was contemplating a very moist, sinful and rich devil's food cake just as it always turn out using my mom recipe but this one doesn't reach the dfc standard. Therefore, I don't feel like sharing the recipe here.

 However, the frosting was amazing! I got the recipe from our 1st Blogger Masterchef, Wendy. You should really check out her post on this because I just couldn't agree more with her. Swiss Meringue Buttercream is soooo good. The texture is silky smooth and it holds up the rose shape very well. In my case, I made strawberry SMB. and guess what? no food colouring needed, no food extract needed and the best part is, the out come is soo good u can actually taste the fresh strawberry even with only 1 tsp of pureed strawberry! I can guarantee this because I also made the usual strawberry buttercream just to see the difference.*I'll post more on this in a new post* Thank you Wendy for the recipe. Wendy's post was made way back in 2010 btw..hehe..

Cupcake bouquet ready to go~


Tasneem Najeeb said...

how did you do the icing like a flower shape? i like! plz teach!! I LOVE TO BAKE TOO i use to sell cakes online!! hehehethq

eencyweency said...

I referred to this video for the technique..there u can see how the rose is made..using a big star tip, just start from the centre and continue piping around and walla! a rose~ hehe..u use to sell cakes online?u must b a good baker then!