Tuesday, 12 April 2016

It's in the jeans! *fashion alert*

Every girl needs at least a pair of perfect-fitting jeans in their closet to be worn casually. Jeans are very comfortable and trendy in mysterious ways. The latest designs might excite you but you have to constantly remind yourself to choose one that would fit you just right.

Thanks to the modern technology now we have a plethora of denim jeans out there in the market.However, going out for shopping at the mall can be exhausting as trying on jeans might sound fun but can be awfully tedious! 

The best jeans fashion styles for me would be anything that is comfy and of course compliment my whole look. As a hijabi, I prefer jeans that is not too tight, oftenly straightcut. These are some jeans fashion that I would go for:

So, which jeans is your favourite? Hit the comment button below if you have anything to share! ;)

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