Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tips on how to make sure your hard boiled egg is done

Phewww that's one long title.

Anyways, this is the trick I learnt from my little scientist brother:

1. You know when it's done when you spin it, and then stop it, it will stop at once.

2. You know it's not done yet when you spin it, it continues to spin even when stopped.

This tip is very helpful especially when the family is making bunga telur for the bunga pahar.

Another tip for a delicious and creamy hard boiled egg is steam it and don't boil it. I know, it sounds so wrong but trust me, give the egg a good 4 minutes of steaming on high heat and walla~ the best 'hard boiled' eggs u can ask for!

The steaming method is also used to prevent the hard-boiled eggs from cracking. Oh, and credit for this second tip goes to my aunt who got the tip from my lecturer Dr. Rooshidah.  

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