Sunday, 1 July 2012

Booth @Being ME Conference, MATRADE

Last year I went to Twins of Faith Conference at PICC, Putrajaya and  the conference was very beneficial and it did make me aware of certain things that I'm unaware of before and it also did make me wanne be a better muslim afterwards. This year around, Mercy Mission held another conference which is a Muslimah only conference. I intended to join as a participant at first but suddenly my eyes caught a link that reads this "HIRE A STALL".

Suddenly there's this crazy idea pops out of my head! Hey why not I try setting up a booth!

When I first visit the site I was soooooo nervous! I already brought an extra table and a table cloth and it still looks empty. So, that night my sister print out a pennant banner just to cheer up the booth. And it did get a lot of head turns and "wow" from passers-by during the setting up.

And Alhamdulillah all the stuffs are sold out! My first booth experience was really fun. And I owe my family and friend a BIG FAT THANKS! They were very helpful along the way. From my aunt who lent me her two tier oven *yes mine is just too small to produce booth standard quantity items :"( *, my mom and sister who have helped me go here and there and helped me assembling things, my cousin who lent me her trolley and table and a friend who drove me all the way from my house to matrade and helped me with the booth too.

I got sooooooo nervous that morning wondering how's people response and how the sales are going to be. But Alhamdulillah everything went beyond my expectation. The hard work of opening a booth are all worth while.

Perhaps, for certain people a booth is just a booth but that is not it for my first booth. It requires a lot of hard work and it gets tougher when u realize u don't have a big enough oven to start with, an ample storage to keep the raw materials and to keep the output. I was really pushing myself through. But it did make me realize how hard people work just to earn money. It did open my eyes wondering how hard people work just to get a rice of bowl for their families by the end of the day and how their kids have to sacrifice their time and energy to helped their parents out. And how *ok this is a bit too emotional for a booth experience*

What I'm trying to tell you is this is absolutely different from working part time at secret recipe and tutti frutti or all the hard work during 4 years of law school. School is totally off the list (finishing up homework is quite a rare event back then) Unless I have bakery business equipment I don't think I would want to go for a booth like yesterday in a near time.

Anyways, I am putting my first booth experience on the top of the most adventurous things I've ever done list!

Ok u can stop making that "errr?" face now. I have my own definition of adventure fyi :P


strawberi said...

a very good start wawa...
akak tingin jugak nk wat jugak..tatau camne..haha..takut pun yer..hikss

eencyweency said...

try la kak beri..debaran die tuhan je lps siap semue..rase syok sgt..kakak sy yg tolong2 ni pn seronok kate nk buat lg..

Baby Sumo said...

Congrats on setting up your first booth - can share some photos of your products? ;)

eencyweency said...

Tq baby sumo! I forgot to take pictures of the products one by one..sorry :"(

solehah said...

good job wa. mesti rs mcm "achievement unlock" gitu haha! aku phm hehe! tahniah2

eencyweency said...

tq solly!!!pdhl kalo org len tgk cm "ceh bukak gerai je pun" haha

izan said...


aku kagum ah..
kawan2 aku sume dah terer buat duit sendiri n berdikari.
rasa cam dah besor sgt da sume..

btw congrats sbb diberi peluang oleh Allah utk rasa pengalaman ni.

pastu mu dgr ke x ceramah being me tu?

eencyweency said...

Alhamdulillah..tq izang :) mu byk gok Allah bg peluang.Peluang utk merasa hidup kat negara org especially. X dengo pn sbb pass utk booth ni x dibenarkan msk main hall. last min br tau. mayb sbb tiket sold out

Anonymous said...

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