Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tutti Frutti Seri Bangi

Have you ever thought that repeating the same routine everyday is boooringgg? Having too much free time will make you distraught? Being busy is somewhat awesome? I did *or I do. Always actually lol*

So when I first saw my new semester schedule I thought "wowwww look at all those free time!" and then it hit me. "With that amount of time will I work on my assignment harder? will I occupy my times by sitting in the freezing library?or will I make functional notes?"*ignore the 3rd question. hey, hey, don't judge! usually there's this last minute notes that everybody keeps on photocopying and I can't help but join and kiss goodbye to my lecture doodling and scatching :P* Then the ghost of past 3 years came and shown me how I did actually behave from 1st year to 3rd year *too much xmas movie T_T*

Of course, the answer would be no. NO! NOOOOOO!!! I will not be getting anywhere with all the blanks I see in the schedule :"(

So, I decided to take up some part time job. And now lovely people, I'm officially *and excitedly* working @ Tutti Frutti Seri Bangi! Yeah, I'm weird @-@. Students work on semester break.And I work after the semester break? Okayyyy..

I hope everything will run smoothly. I really love the job!!! All the machine-cleaning, the mopping, the wiping *stern face* But seriously I love this job! The boss and families are so welcoming and kind. I would do anything for them! <3 <3 <3 *just in case they're reading* lol I'm just kidding they are really nice people. I hope I can be like them if I were to be a boss..hehe.. I'll update more on my tutti frutti experience *even if you couldn't care less T_T*


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Mu tau x ak ngidm gle tutifruti due tga hri ni

eencyweency said...

setiap selasa ada 15% off utk puang kat tutti frutti..mai la..kalu mu mari sini blh bg mu sampel lebih..hehe

wanizati said...

waaaa, nk jugak ! nk g nk g !

eencyweency said...

meh la meh la!!!